– New M4/Kemono dummies and small update –

OK so first off, i fixed a few issues with the new M4 Rikugou

Fixed – An issue with the UV and triangulation in the inner corner of the penta eye shape.
Fixed – Small UV adjustment done around the round nose are to properly use the texture space.

Note that this will fix issues you may have with correctly made skins but it wont fix skins that were made incorrectly, that being, skins that are not following the M4 UV map and default textures to get an idea where things should be. While i did my best to align the UVs to work with older M4 skins, the geometry of the head itself is just too different for it to work exactly like the old heads did, so skins that have fake nostrils drawn on the pointy nose, instead of using the round nose for a more realistic nose style(which i made for that specific purpose), will have double nostrils when using the round nose, this needs to be fixed by the skin creators themselves.

There will also be a small textured shine transition problem in the M4 Momo from round nose to the nose bridge on custom skins that have shine there, this also cannot be helped because the Momo head is just too different from your average anime head, im surprised i managed to make it work with M4 skins at all xD

And now onto the dummies

The dummies + texture kits are bundled together for the new heads and can be found here:
M4 Rikugou – https://www.mediafire.com/file/8d3e37q8fcmjy9i/M4_Rikugou_dev_resources.zip/file
M4 Momo/Kemomo – https://www.mediafire.com/file/rbg5oyl1gf0e7j7/M4_Momo_dev_resources.zip/file
M4 Kitsune – https://www.mediafire.com/file/bd9gpss1ckoayu2/M4_Kitsune_dev_resources.zip/file
Note: you will also need to download addititonal materials from the downloads page for the M4 Anime heads since all M4 heads share some of the same basic stuff like blush, eyes, eyebrows and eyelash textures and things like that. The Kitsune head shares these materials with the Bakemono head.

Dummies for the Rikugou bento hands – https://www.mediafire.com/file/9pgjqizp591e69d/Rikugou_Lite_bento_hands_dummy.zip/file

And finally, this is something i kinda regret not doing sooner, but just like the avatar 2.0, im “opensourcing” the Kemono body. The dummy is now no longer a dummy but the actual full detail model that you can use to make mods and better fitting clothing, just be sure to read the included readme to see what exactly you can and cant do with it.

Click the image for a link to it

Yeah that is all for now.

– New M4 Heads, updates and lots of otehr stuff released –

Ladies and catboys, the new heads are done and out!, but first i want to get your attention to some sorta important updates first so they wouldnt get buried down under all the cool new shit.

M4 Annimeay:

Fixed - More restructuring done to the head to fix the alpha glitching problems with blush layer and eye texture/lashes once and for all (hopefully).
Fixed - A problem with the "fix alphas" button not hiding a part that is supposed to be invisible, appearing white and glitching through the skin around the face.

General updates to all M4 heads:

Extended the click detection delay a bit more for the HUD's title bar to combat HUD flying off screen bug.

Fixed - (mis)Clicking near eye roll buttons would trigger 'Clear' command.
Fixed - Rikugou necks now contain rikugou joint offsets to address deformations to the body and neck that happen when an M4 head is worn.
Fixed - Kemono neck scripts have additional auto-hide code added to keep kemono(body/mod) neck hidden.
Fixed - Something with the remote relay HUD, i forgot what it was :C

M4 Tongue pills and piercings have been updated to work with the new heads too.

M3 M4 eye collection:

In the bonus item of your M4 head you will now find a new bonus item which is a HUD that has all the eye textures form every M3 and M4 head, if theres any eyes you are missing from previous heads, this will let you use them with your current head.

Ok and now with that out of the way, lets get into all the new stuff!

The new M4 heads:

MP_momo3 MP_kemomo3 MP_riku1.png MP_kitsune4 MP_momokem1

And and heres some day day one content for the new heads !

M4KMM_MOD_MP1 Clipboard02 Clipboard01

But wait, theres MOAR!

Kijo outfit set and separate pieces

thera hair MP kijo set MP kijo armslegs MP kijo top MP kijo skirt MP

And bunch of jewellery i had made a long time ago but never released.

MP_spikeband MP_beads MP_hipchain MP_loopsandhoops MP_curls MP_armslegs

whats next

Now that this is out of the way, i can probably start my experiments with fitted mesh and all that stuff for the future body im gonna make (dont expect this any time soon, probably next year), but in the mean time, im planning on making a lite version of the kemono body that i can than pack into anime avatar starter packs for new people that are joining SL, its going to contain some kind of simple anime head, body, hair and some clothes, maybe even an AO but not sure how willing i am to make a whole set of AO animations, will see. Also some avatar 2.0 clothing packs that someone requested and i thought was a good idea. Another thing that is in the works is a Kemono to LL UV skin transfer thing. Im also planning to give the M4 Mars head another try, will probably be a shape 2 update and also investigate what heads use what joints so i could make more of those face edjustment hud thingies for them, the jaw line adjustment HUD that comes with the M4 Momo/KeMomo is very possible for every other head cause those joints arent used for anything else.

Gonna make another post soon with all the dummies and texture kits, but that is all for now.

– WIP New M4 heads final teaser post –

All bugs are fixed (i hope :D…..) and everythings done, im now going to be doing the part i hate the most, setting perms, naming, ataching, setting defaults, checking if i got the correct final versions of everything, writing manuals, making vendor images, packing everything, setting up update servers, marketplace pages and ingame vendors. No guaranteees but if all goes right this all should be out next week.

In the mean time, heres some more teasers.

more images here: https://imgur.com/a/V909U6P
more images here: https://imgur.com/a/aK6eIat
more images here: https://imgur.com/a/QFkNBhP
more images here: https://imgur.com/a/Q9D2uvk
more images here: https://imgur.com/a/mheVMEF
more images here: https://imgur.com/a/gkgwr2D
more images here: https://imgur.com/a/0WlFXof
more images: https://imgur.com/a/Iz8F00I

– WIP M4 Momo – teaser images –

Ok finally got something to show for the Momo (head human version), also a last minute idea that i will also be adding later to the previous M4 heads, since im not doing anything with the chin and cheek bones, i figured i could use them to change the shape of the jaw line, this is something i did in the past to convert one of my avatars that uses M3 head to an M4 head by manipulating the law line to look like an M3 head and it is what gave me the idea for the face adjustment HUD for the M4 Rikugou.

I will have to go back and figure out what joints i use for what things on the older heads and see if maybe i can move more of them than just the chin and cheeks, but cant make any promises cause i never rigged them for this.
Anyways heres the teaser pics.

More images here: https://imgur.com/a/sUN9Ivm
more images here: https://imgur.com/a/ZIevHEv
more images here: https://imgur.com/a/DQuKMLZ

– WIP More M4 Rikugou and Kitsune teaser images –

more images here: https://imgur.com/a/pnKgrRS
more images here: https://imgur.com/a/svEjtjT
more images here: https://imgur.com/a/yGJXZJp
more images here: https://imgur.com/a/Zrbh2zT

– WIP M4 Rikugou and some teaser images

OK so everything is pretty close to completion, just need to iron out some bugs and add some finishing touches here and there. Not sure if i mentioned this before but i didnt want to make just another anime head and wanted to bring something new to the table and try out some ideas i had rolling around in my head for a while. One of them is rigging and animating the head in a way that would free up some joint to serve the purpose of moving the face features around to make up for the shortcomings of the appearance editor sliders.

You can move the nose, chin and mouth up and down to better match the anime style you are doing for and it also allows you to make a more meaningful use of sliders like “head stretch” and “egg head” moving the eyes back into place if they have been move apart too much or too close together, i hope people can make good use of this.

And here are some teaser images

more images: https://imgur.com/a/s31zFCa
more pics: https://imgur.com/a/ScGrG4T
more images: https://imgur.com/a/sPjbt6q

– Bento human hands for Rikugou –

I was planning to release this update along with the new heads but i figured this anouncement would be burried under all the other announcements within the post and since the update is done and ready, so why wait.

Things that have been updated:

Added – Rikugou A-B bento hands HUD
Added – Rikugou Lite bento hands and HUD
Added – Rikugou Officer uniform bento gloves
Added – Rkugou Predator armor bento hands
Added – O.CA Armor (arms & legs) bento hands for Rikugou Lite

Fixed – Rikugou lite core 1.4 wrong attachement point (right hand)
Fixed – Rikugou officer pantyhose clipping through waistband and inner leg when sitting
Fixed – Rikugou officer pantyhose pantsu options turning the whole upper part grey untill user picks a different texture.
Fixed – Rikugou officer arms edge split orpoblems on the upper ring + compatibility with the lite bento arms.

more pics https://imgur.com/a/H0PcIkI

So thats all for now, the next few updates for rikugou im thinking about would be a fitted legs so you could make them thicker and maybe turn some of the robot hands into bento but not sure how realistic that one is due to the style of finger joints.

– WIP new heads and more almost there –

Ok so dont have much work in progress images to show but all the work on all the meshes, animations and textures are done and now being scripted and tested, these images are kinda old now but i was too lazy to post them before and dont have new ones yet so some things have changed since taking the.

M3 Rikugou remasterering wip
M3 Rikugou done being remastered into M4 but, using M4 anime skin (made it its own skin later on, its same UV as M4 Anime but the old texture made it tlook too much like anime/anniemay)
Sailormoon style eyes
The new chibi head, M4 Momo, also has M4 Anime UV and skin but i also made it its own skin later on
M4 Momo chibi kemono version, this one started as a kemono style nose addon but turned into a seperate head of its own, still uses the M4 Anime UV though
The M4 Kitsune, mostly done, just need to fix a ton of bugs, Uses M4 Bakemono UV

More pics of these 2 if anyones interested https://imgur.com/a/I6EjfWp

While i wait on the scripting part, i decided to give it a try making some hair using the nurmbs curve method that normies use to make their hair.

Yeah thats all for now, another post regarding the rikugou bento hands coming up soon.

– WIP – New M4 heads –

Finally got to work on the new heads, not much to show yet.

This will be the new chibi head, not sure how im gonna name it yet, probably potato head or something.

New furry head, this ones gonna be a fox

And finally, going ro remaster the rikugou head, better smoother topology, M4 anime UV map, 2 sizes, regular fit and rikugou avatar fit

On subject of rikugou, im also going to be updating all rikugou human hands and outfits for them to bento, its gonna be a free update .

– More new things and stuff –

People have been asking me to release some of the props i made for the new AMH expansion, so i made a few packs.

MP vending machines MP tickets MP barriers MP ACs

I also plan to release the train later, it just needs new general purpose LOD models (current ones cut away the side of the train that is facing the wall) and some tweaks.