– Wip2 anime body –

Was putting this post of cause i didnt have much visual progress to show but im sort of close to being done with modeling/rigging the base mesh. I ended up redoing the upper body several times cause it just looked off, especially when uploaded to SL, the part where the shoulders connect to the chest still bothers me so i might redo that area one more time.

So heres where its at now.

No more skinny kemono fingers.

Proper detailed feet this time too, no more lazy low poly feet xD

As for what made me redo it several times, biggest problem is blender itself, i normally do most of my modeling in metasequoia, but for this i had no choice but to use blender because i wanted to rig it while im modeling it to get the best possible bending, but blender is a joke of a modeling tool and zooming is unusable in perspective mode and needs all kinds of tedious tricks and workarounds to get it to zoom, and even then when you zoom in too much it just clips through the camera.

It blows my mind that after all these years and so many versions, they still haven’t fixed something so basic that no other modeling tool has a problem with. So because of this i have to work in the orthographic mode and because of that the model ends up looking completely different when uploaded to SL than it did in blender’s viewport, so while the upper body looked ok in blender, it looked very amateurish and bad when on SL.
Another problem i ran into is the default volume bone positions and behavior when scaling, volume bones are the fitted mesh bones that let you adjust things like thickness of your legs or size of your ass in the appearance editor. The problem comes in 3 parts, part 1 is that the default volume bone positions dont give you the best looking deformations, so you need to use custom joint positions, which in itself wouldnt be much of a problem if it wasnt for part3 of this problem. Now part 2 is the body fat slider, when increasing body fat, in order to simulate the effects of gravity on the body fat, the volume bones also get dragged downwards, pulling the mesh down with it. While this is a good idea in theory, it doesnt work too well in practice, resulting in really bad looking deformations (another reason for using custom joint positions is to counteract this), and the most “galaxy brain” part of this is that the arm fat gets pulled downwards IN THE FUCKING T-POSE orientation.

Now as far as i know, no one walks around in a fucking t-pose, the arms are down when at rest, making the body fat go inwards towards the body and not downwards.

This results in mangled/collapsed looking shoulders that you often see on normie bodies, i always thought thats just because of bad rigging or the A pose, but all this time it was just the body fat slider. messing up peoples shoulders.

And part 3 of the volume bone problem is some bug that makes those bone positions effected by the body fat slider to get out of sync when editing shape in the LL viewer and completely break when changing your shape on firestorm. It an annoyance but still usable on the LL viewer but its a complete showstopper on firestorm, so untill this gets fixed, this is kind of a big road block for this whole project. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-233884

Other than that, the lower part of the body is scaling pretty nicely.

(Old wip image i forgot to post last time)

All that being said, all that remains to do now is UV mapping and than i can do stuff like different necks and breast sizes, some detailing between the legs and skin textures, hopefully LL/firestorm will get the volume bone bug fixed by than.

– Anime train

The standalone version of the anime train from AMH,

Sim decor item
Locomotives (front and rear) 74-73Li
Train car 52Li
Texture change HUD

Things to note:
The seats are not scripted but have proper physics shapes so you can still right click and sit on them
Driver cabin is not accessible and has no physics inside to save on land impact, same for the car to car crossing.
Doors can be opened and closed through the HUD

Related items:

MP vending machines MP tickets MP barriers MP ACs

– Wip – New anime body –

This is still very early in development and everything you will see here is subject to change, but everyone and their mom are already dieing from curiosity and keep asking me about how it looks and stuff, so heres some early work in progress stuff and some info on where im currently at with this.

Im still in the process of shaping it and rigging it as i go to get the best possible bend in in the shoulder area.

One of the major problems with kemono were the shoulders, main problem was that its hard to predict how exactly its going to bend when modeling it and than rigging it after you are done modeling it, leads to less than ideal results.

This time around i was using my later developed technique of rigging it while im modeling it and constantly testing how it bends as i go, which finally gave me shoulders im satisfied with.

Another thing that bothered me about the kemono was how its ass was sitting a little bit too low, while this made for a very good bend in that area, it was also a problems for creating short skirts, it was a delicate balancing act between covering enough of the ass cheeks from showing from the default SL camera angles but at the same time not being too long to still be sexy, not to mention it also looked anatomically incorrect between the thighs and crotch when they bent upwards, and also suffered from that same problem of being rigged after modeling is already done.

The bend on the new body is not as nice looking, i will improve it a bit more later but even as it is now, at least its not as bad as pretty much every normie body in existence so at least im happy with that lol.

Oh yeah also the area of the bend in the front has also been modeled with consideration to clothing items like panties and such, which was also a problem with the kemono.

Another big issue with pretty much every body i did before this one is that the geometry follows the contours of muscles and other anatomical features, which is great for shading and needing less polygons to have these anatomical details, but its terrible for things like alpha cuts and UV maps. This is the reason i had to scrap my plans for LL UV for avatar 2.0 and kemono because the LL UV needing a straight horizontal upper and lower body division as well as vertical seams being straight.

This geometry is not final and there will be more detail around ares like the belly button and such.

So that is pretty much it for now, next post is going to be about the head against desk banging challenges of working with fitted mesh so look forward to that one lol.

– Burger Queen and updates –

And its done, but first some updates !

Thunder Thighs related updates:

– The sports pants have been updated with Thunder Thigh S and Burger Queen compatible versions and also bulge versions of each one of these.
– The punk belt and skirt was updated with a Thunder Thighs S version

vp_pants_MP vp_beltskirt_MP

Burger Queen related updates:

– Burger Queen version of boots and gloves in the Corsair set, no collar yet (if ever unless theres an actual demand for it)
– The sports jacket has been updated with a Burger Queen and ABC Burger Prince chest compatible versions.
– The sports pants have been updated with Thunder Thigh S and Burger Queen compatible versions and also bulge versions of each one of these.
– The off shoulder jacket has been updated with a Burger Queen and ABC Burger Prince chest compatible versions.
– Avatar 2.0 skateshoes and boots have been updated with Burger Queen versions and texture change HUDs
– The nipple tape included with the kemono latext set was updated with a Burger Queen version( nothing else in the package has been updated)

vp_sjacket_MP vp_pants_MP vp_offshoulderjacket_MP  MP latex MP corsair BP_Spike bootvp shakeshoevp

And now the thing you been waiting for!


As mentioned before, since this body is old and made before fitted mesh functionality was implemented in to SL, you will not be able to adjust the size of your chest or use physics (i might address that with future updates but who knows), but the rest of the sliders have been made to work by a simple renaming of vertex groups trick, so you will be able to adjust things like arm and leg thickness, belly size and so on.

This avatar body comes in 2 different height version, a tall version for more human looking avatars, and a shorter version for imps and goblins and more cartoony animal looking avatars like mobians. It also has bento rigged fingers and full BOM integration (no need for third party appliers), it does however use its own UV map (not LLUV compatible) and BOM skins made for anything else will not display correctly (look for BOM skins made specifically for the Burger Queen). It has multiple neck options that should align with most heads (that i know of at least), The tall version is too thick to connect to LL/normie neck joints but the second neck option should solve that problem by connecting directly to the head. The shorter version is just the right size to line up with the LL/normie necks, so neck option 2 has an LL neck connection. The body has 2 different breast shapes, clothed shape and unclothed, the clothed shape is switched to automatically by wearing clothing items that cover the chest. Finally, the arms and legs are separate attachments for a more efficient use of body body part mods and the sake of viewer performance optimization.

But wait, theres more !

MP_BQ_sweater MP_BQ_jacket MP_BQ_tanktop
MP_BQ_skirt MP_BQ_pants MP_BQ_bikini
MP_BQ_demon1 MP_BQ_demon_outfitonly MP_BQ_demon_wingstail
MP_BQ_glovesandstockings MP_BQ_socks MP_BQ_nails

Finally, The Burger Prince chest by ABC


And that is all for now, next stop is the start of the new anime body project, more news on that later.

– Almost there –

This was supposed to be out already but i decided to Spend more time on this and port a bunch of Kemono and Avatar 2.0 clothing items and do some improvements to the scripting. while i was at it i also decided its a good opportunity to make some more thunder thighs versions of a few clothing items as as well, to cross that of my to do list for 2023 and ABC jumped on board and a male/flat chest for it. Heres some pics of all the extra stuff we did.

The burger prince chest by ABC

More pictures here:

I also ran into a problem with the body just being too huge, making the head look too small even when set to 100 size, which made it impossible to use this body to make all sorts of cartoon animal, sonic and goblin avatars, so i ended up making a second version that is scaled down by the size of one head, it will be included.

But yeah, everything is now finished and i just need to do the boring part, which is perming, naming, packing and shipping everything,

– WIP – The Burger Queen –

More pics of the new avatar body, im almost done with everything but i keep finding more last minute bugs that need to be fixed and last minute features i wanna add.

More pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/zonyODo
More pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/grpHz9s
More pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/wScR7lv

– 2023 Roadmap –

Ok so as 2023 has rolled around and i think its time to give you guys a bit of a roadmap for some of the more note worthy things i have planned for this year. 2023 is going to be a big and busy year for me because i will be undertaking probably the biggest project of my life time, which is the new anime body.

The reason its the biggest project is because mesh on SL has come a long way since the simple days of Kemono and Avatar 2.0, there are so many more weights and bones to worry about now with bento and fitted mesh as well as more exciting new mesh technologies on the horizon that are being planned by the new devs at LL, such as morphs(shape keys/blend shapes), so i will need to future proof the new body so that it wouldnt go the same way the Kemono did when fitted mesh came around. It will take a lot of time to make sure everything works right and there are no rigging or triangulation problems, some hard lessons were learned from the development of my previous bodies such as the triangulation on the kemono being all over the place.

Not only that, in order to not just to compete with normie bodies but even have a chance at recapturing just a fraction of the success that the Kemono had, the new body will need to NOT be just one of those random bodies with nothing to wear that people buy and use for a few days before they go back to their daily drivers and than forget they even have it. So just like in the video game console business, it needs to come with compelling array of launch title outfits and just have a general base of practical everyday clothing that people can start using on day one, without having to walk around naked. And in order to do that i will be partnering up with several creators to produce this content for its release, so that alone might take up to a year to do.

So 2003 Roadmap is as follows:

  • A sorts of a remaster and a public release of another personal use item that was just sitting and gathering dust in my inventory, more on that later on in this post.
  • Modeling work starts on the new anime body
  • More updates to existing items such as bulge and thunder thighs versions for kemono clothes.
  • Launching a new side brand for the collaboration mentioned above.
  • Misc small projects on my to do list that i havent had the chance to finish last year such as releasing a public version of the AMH 2.0 train
  • Modernizing and releasing several more personal use items.

Things i wanna do but not sure how realistic it is to do it this year considering all the things above:

  • Finishing the last Rikugou armor and also a Rikugou maid outfit that i never finished due to a creative block
  • Making another bike, this time a mini bike.
  • A 90s Formula 1 car
  • Vodka girl’s (from honkai impact) outfits for Kemono.

With all that being said, heres a sneak peak preview of the first item on this road map !

More pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/GpgLu8L

So what you are looking at here is a an old variant of the Avatar 2.0 body that was made back in 2013 when Avatar 2.0 was still in its early stages, before the big shape change and advanced alpha hide areas update, and way before the Kemono was even a thing. But it sort kinda still looks good by my today’s standards and i was recently reminded by someone that i have this thing and that people would love to have it too, and i thought that you know, why the fuck not. It already has a bunch of clothing items i made for it over the years and at first i just planned to release it as is, but than i decided to work on it a little and give it a proper HUD and hide system, and do a little bit of modernization like giving it bento hands and such, that way it will make a worthwhile purchase. But anyway, more detail on that in a later post when i have more to show for.

Also just to be clear, this is not the new anime body that i was talking about above lol

– 3 Days left –

Till its that time again!

Starting on first day of christmas (Dec 24th???) at AMH 2.0, you will find the chirstmas tree behind the cat statue, the event will last 3 days, so come back every day for more gifts.

– Update to Spy and Party dress –

Fixed clipping with panties and the zipper of the Spy dress bottom for default Kemono.
General panties clipping mitigation has been done to Spy and Party dress bottoms for Kemono default and default bulge.
Fixed clipping in armpits and around the collar bones on Rei’s Chest2 and JP in Party dress B and Spy dress tops.
Fixed a small UV misalignment on Rei’s Chest 2 and JP Spy dress tops

Also Fixed UV bugs for the lines on the sleeves of the loose shirt

Also everyone who got the party dress update ingame, i mixed up the names for top B Rei’s Chest 2 and JP

– Party and Spy dresses are out –

And done

MP spy dress MP party dress

Supports default Kemono, ABC flat chest, ABC bouncy boobs, Rei’s chest2, Rei’s jiggle puff’s, Thunder thighs S and has bulge versions of both default and thunder thighs. Party dress has 2 version of the top part, Has the usual customization HUD and open/pulled/lifted states.

Let me know if you find any problems cause testing so many items is hard and you get sloppy and bugs always slip past where you least expect them.