– Avatar 2.0 – beta –

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Welcome to the future of second life! and thank you for not being a stubborn old man and using v3 based viewers :D

What you see here is a beta of what eventually MIGHT be my answer to LL’s default avatar body.

– about the project –

The goal of this project is to research the best kind of weighting and topology combinations and make the best possible alternative to the LL’s female avatar body, that has proper joint deformations and shading, while also making it as customizable as possible, to make up for any of the shortcomings of mesh.

– Whats New in 1.8 –

the body now has proper LODs and is prepared for an upcoming line of clothing
the top and back of the head is now smaller for maximum compatibility with all kinds of mesh hair
fixed a glitch with the right leg
updated clothing, armbands can now be unlinked and modified, skirt no longer clips with anything (i hope) separated the shoes,
other minor bug fixes

– About the HUD –

Previously you had to manually edit the body and set parts of it to 100% transparency. it was kind of a pain in the as.s to do, not everyone even knew how to do it, and because of video card compatibility issues, doing it on the avatar while wearing it caused some people to crash.

Not any more!

The new HUD lets you easily show and hide different body parts as well as choose the skin color you like.

Also if you wanna make your own skins or any other texturing work, you might find the included UV maps to be useful Always make backups before editing, if you forgot to make a copy and scre.wed up, use the update card to get a new copy.

– Known bugs –

There’s a new glitch with mesh and GL Vertex Buffer in all v3 based viewers that causes a viewer crash, its a good idea to detach the avatar and rez it on the ground before you attempt to use the HUD to hide its parts for now until the glitch is fixed. if you do it while wearing it you might crash and will crash everyone around you.

The phoenix team has the bug fixed while LL made it even worse, download the latest firestorm release.

There’s a glitch with with high platform LL shoe bases and the avatar’s feet sinking into the ground, to fix it, detach the body and the shoe base, than attach the body back and than attach the shoe base back right after you attached the body. Till i figure out what is going on and make a proper fix.

LL still haven’t fixed (and probably aren’t even aware of it) the custom joint position bugs, if you are going to adjust the shape of the avatar in the appearance editor, while wearing the mesh body, you might have problems with your shape after you detach i or put on another shape.

I have made an undeformer that fixes your shape, you no longer have to relog, you can find the undeformer in my inworld store for free.

The update server seems to have a mind of its own and a lot of times it refuses to give out updates, if you cannot get an update, try again in a few hours, and again in a few more, till you get an update.

– Future plans –

different kinds of faces and probably a blink animation, face expressions will come later when LL implements custom bone systems.

btw the hair is from “truth”


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