– A body suit and another CCD update for Avatar 2.0 –

I had this done ages ago as sort of an experiment but never thought of putting it up for sale for some reason, i know a lot of people could make use of this so here it is (i wont put it on the marketplace cuz i don’t want any more “herp derp i bought without reading shit, wheres the alphas?” you can get it at my inworld store). To clarify, this is the TCC Black ops body suit for Avatar 2.0, if you ever wanted to wear your black ops outfit with your mesh body, this is for you(you will need to do some scaling and adjusting the parts of the rest of the outfit tho, also manually hide the faces of the feet and lower legs in the build menu).

Also another update on the CCD, 4 more people sent me their notecards so im adding their findings to the list, check out the – The Avatar 2.0 Compatibility Community Database –

On a side note, i noticed some more tendencies with mesh creators, a lot of them cannot be arsed to attach their mesh clothing item to the appropriate point on the avatar so a lot of them just go to the right hand point by default. Also a lot of mesh creators(if not all) cannot be arsed to make proper LOD objects for their stuff and just go with the default mesh uploader generated LODs, not this doesn’t really matter because there’s a glitch with camera zoom and rigged mesh LODs, they do not drop as when all the other objects do and you have to zoom far away for them to start dropping while everything else is already at minimum. What this means is that it doesn’t matter how far you zoom out, your mesh item will remain the original high detail model and will not change to a lower detail model, so mesh clothing creators can be lazy and not bother making LODs for their items because they can exploit this bug. But if LL would some day realize that there’s a bug and decide to fix it, all the mesh clothes made by these lazy creator, will simply turn to garbage as soon as the camera zooms out just a few meters from the avatar wearing them :D.

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