– Pimp My Laptop –

Got this old broken laptop. The story behind it was, you know how shit happens when you party hard, well this dude was partying a bit too hard and spilled all his beer on the keyboard, than he wanted to dry the beer out with a hair dryer but he set it on the maximum heat and half of the keys melted away, so he removed the hard drive and some ram and threw it in the corner. I came across the laptop and he gave it to me, so i got a 4gb low profile USB drive to use as a HDD and tried to get a windows PE on it but i had a lot of trouble with that because the stupid laptop only boots from NTFS drives and my PE builders only had FAT32-16 support. So after 2 days of trying different things i gave up and just downloaded linux :D now i just need more ram cuz Ubuntu is a memory hog like win7. Im going to use it as a youtube player in parties.

In the mean time, i made some stencils and did a crappy paint job with spray paint on it, while waiting for my ram to arrive.


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  1. Tunnel Snakes, we’re the tunnel snakes, that’s us and we rule!

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