I recently watched a movie called The Raid and holy shit was i blown away by it :O

I was already hyped by it after seeing the first trailer, it was like a masterpiece in itself, and just like the trailer, the whole movie was in this “cut the crap and lets get to the point” style. There wasn’t much talking going on and there wasn’t much to say because the story is kinda bland and boring, but it was just an excuse for all the ass kicking and badassery that was going on. Right of the bat, a armed to the teeth swat team in an armored car comes in and shit hits the fan.

The gun fights where cool but the best part of the movie was all the melee fights in tight corridors,  now at this point in my life, i thought i have already seen everything, every action kung fu ass kicking movie there is and nothing can surprise me anymore, i was mistaking. Half of the movie, i watched with literally mouth open and brain full of fuck, trying to grasp wtf just happened. Every fight scene had at least 3 really creative ways to kick someones ass, all the crazy ass stunts and combat choreography and flow of the punches and blocks and stuff where like a work of art, i get why they call it martial arts.

Watch the trailer and get a glimpse of all that that awesome shit that was going on in there.


The only thing this movie Lacks is any kind of a meaningful story worth giving a fuck about, english speaking actors and that money printing hollywood polish, but all of its shortcomings greatly made up by all the immense ass kicking.

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