– WIP update on Rikugou’s first set of addons –

So i have finally got off my lazy ass and did some more work on the first add on set for Rikugou \O/

Here’s some more details on whats this going to be. The jet engine legs will enable her to do the following things: Double tapping to any direction will make her dash to that direction and if held down she will hover forward in a faster than normal running speed, when flying, it will increase the flight speed as well and will enable her to go above the 100m limit. The legs will also have an AO in them.

It will also come with a big ass sword weapon that will also have its AO that will work along with the leg AO.

Here’s some pics, click them to enlarge.


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5 Responses to – WIP update on Rikugou’s first set of addons –

  1. About damn time. Loving your progress so far! Hurry up and release so I can give you money! <3

  2. KosmosA. says:

    Looking good so far

  3. Rei says:

    wow awesome :D!!!!!

  4. さんのメカマフィン says:

    looks promising,wondering if there’ll be an addon pack that lets you customize colors like the main avie has

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