– WIP update – Sword and Armor –

Okay, so i fixed a bunch of glitches and uploaded the swords and everything is pretty much ready, i only need to make the special effect models and textures and animations, than it will be ready for scripting.

Oh and i might also add something to the back and change the chest part a bit, maybe make the triangular piece smaller.


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15 Responses to – WIP update – Sword and Armor –

  1. Kuniko says:

    I really love it and the design is amazing I am excited to get to play with it in second life!

  2. Fauqs says:

    That…is gonna be awesome. Love your work, you already have a sale and you haven’t even released it. ^^

  3. Rei says:

    yea! love the design >w<
    can't wait D:!!!

  4. Loving where this set is going, but tell me… will the flipped decal on the RIKU’s right ankle ever be fixed? It mars the appearance slightly.

  5. WaffleBunny says:

    You posted a picture of my bum without permission.. i will sue >:3
    Lucky the dual-sword covers most of it =w=

  6. さんのメカマフィン says:

    nice… wanting it more.. now wondering how much i’ll come by for

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