– WIP update – small design revision

I felt like the chest piece was a bit too big and bulky and the pelvis area was missing something, so i redesigned the chest and made a pelvis armor part. Also i noticed there’s this unintentional cat or some other animal theme going on(she kind of reminds me anubis from ZOE2) with the head gear looking like ears (was supposed to look like a bow) and the legs looking like some animal legs, so i added a tail, im not sure if the tail really works with the overall design tho, i may change the texture a bit but if you don’t like it, i made it a separate piece so you can just remove it

Now tat all of this is done, i can finally start animating it, make some sounds, sort out some problems with alphas on the special effects and get it scripted.

also check out shit crappy video demo of the now outdated design that i forgot to link in my previous post.


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23 Responses to – WIP update – small design revision

  1. Rei says:

    at first, i’m not a big fan of the chest (super fan of the legs XD) but now..!! wow! it looks better !!
    and the tail is good too :D!!
    the shape looks perfect now XD!! YAY!

  2. さんのメカマフィン says:

    simple redo, yet effective overall appeal

  3. Fauqs says:

    Even better then before…love that you’re shifting it to a cat-like appearance, too, its so cute. x3 But, I thought it looked like a bow in the first place. :p

  4. Kuniko says:

    Wow I really like it but then I liked it be for. I like the more polygonal look of it also the bikini crotch piece is a great addition it make it look more heavily armored. I love the little tail too! Are you trying out key frame animation with it?

    • im making animations for her weapon and legs for SL, she will have some special moves and stuff and they need to be animated, and yes its keyframe animation, i don’t have a motion capture studio xD

      • Kuniko says:

        Sorry i am just learning 3D modelling and suches I meant the new animation system LL made for animating tris objects.

      • Kuniko says:

        I meant low tris*.

      • LL made a new animation system? ive been away from sl for too long lol

      • Kuniko says:

        My Friend fluffy has been experimenting with it on some machines he’s making then I Saw one of my brothers Furry friends with a mesh tail that uses the new animation system I’ll find out wheres it’s from in world and send you link on SL.

  5. Shinssue says:

    I feel like Shut up and take my money.

  6. Kuniko says:

    I feel the same! So get that scriptin’ done!

  7. James says:

    When is this coming out?

  8. Jam handy says:

    How much will this be?

  9. Hey, you probably hate me by now but barcode on right wrist of ANUBIS armor is flipped along U, same as the decals on the right leg of base RIKU are. Other decals on that limb appear to not be affected, as with right leg of base RIKU. :P

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