– God Bless ebay –

Okay so this guy made my day

Anyone who’s not familiar with Ebay, its supposed to be an online auction website where anyone can make a quick buck, selling pretty much anything, from a rubber garden hose to pokemon trading cards. But not many people actually use the auction feature, most just use the option to sell without an auction to do mass selling of mint items, saving themselves the haste of ruining an online store website of their own, and possibly even evading a tax or two (depending on their country laws). Every seller has a user rating and every product has its own rating too.

Now, im really sure how this rating system is supposed to work in theory, but it clearly isn’t working in practice. All most every seller i bought from, was either including a card with the product or sending me a message, nagging me to give them a positive rating. Some even urge you to immediately go and leave a positive rating before the item even arrived, cuz apparently, rating is serious business on ebay :O Well i thought, it looks like a really important thing to them, so i will go and leave them a rating, but a real one and only when i receive the item of course.

So here’s what happened, i ordered a black mask with a skull drawn on it. After some wait, the mask had finally arrived and…. it was a piece of crap. The eye opening wasn’t cut out right, the skull itself was too small, the stitching wasn’t aligned right and it clearly didn’t look like it was actually tested on a human head. So i went back to rate it, i didn’t wanna give the guy a bad rating cuz i know that its not his fault that chinese can’t be arsed to test their cheep ass products, but i have payed a decent amount or money for it and i expected the thing to be on par with the price, instead i got something that looks like its worth 2bucks :/ so i gave him a neutral rating.

A few days later:

Dear utilizator101,
I am an honest man and I work hard to feed my family as I’m sure you do also. I would never hurt a mans business by leaving negative feedback without giving them the opportunity to correct any error I feel was made in a transaction . That would be the fair thing to do .
We just wish you had given us the chance to show you we are human . we shipped in a timely manner Im sure we could have fixed this by reshipping or refunding for you. I hope you give the next seller you are not 100% happy with the opportunity you did not give my family, God Bless you and your family , Pete

Well shit, now i feel bad D:, i tried to cheer the guy up and explain that i didn’t give him a negative rating and he doesn’t have a single negative rating in general.

My responce:

Dear dvus-skulls,
hello, i didn’t give you a negative rating, i gave a neutral one, you are a top rated seller, 99% of all your ratings are positive and the remaining 1% isn’t negative either, so i shouldn’t worry about this hurting your business in any way.
What you should be worry about is people seeing your weird all caps reapplies to each of the neutral ratings, that doesn’t shine professionalism and might actually hurt your business somewhat.

here’s one of the all caps comments.

He writes me back:

Dear utilizator101,
You apparently don’t know how ebay works, It is counted against a seller if the 5 star ratings are less than 5 or if you choose any rating other than positive, Like I said , an honest buyer would give a man who is trying to feed his family a chance to please them , Its ok . I am blocking your country because apparently you guys dont appreciate the american made quality products we make , and your lack of communication with us id deplorable, Maybe when someone hurts your ability to feed your family you will understand, God Bless

Yeah well i admit i have no idea….  whoa, Wait what, did you just say you’re going to ban a country? and LOL “american quality” your mask has a label that says made in china, dipshit. And the only one that is hurting your ability to feed your family is you if you are really crazy enough to ban a country full of potential buyers. But it doesn’t end here, this was followed by another message.

Dear utilizator101,
There you go all Lithuania is blocked … I never realized how uneducated you people are … all you idiots can go buy that chinese junk !

ROFL! now that’s mature. Like, seriously? he banned a whole country, full of potential “family feeders” just because one of them didn’t give him the rating you wanted? what if some other guy from Belgium gives him a bad rating too, and than some other guy from some other country, will he ban the whole world? who will there be left to buy your stupid crap? and he says hes trying to run a business here HAHA. Hes not exactly the only seller on ebay either, there’s like 15 other guys besides him selling the same exact shitty mask alone. I don’t think any responsible adult who has to feed a family, would loose his shit to such ridiculous extremes like some 14 year old kid on xbox live, over something so trivial, and block off his wallet from any money that could feed his family. And i like that ironic part about cheep chinese junk, And all the “honest man” and “god bless” crap was a nice touch too.

Well, this was entertaining.


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7 Responses to – God Bless ebay –

  1. karakurichan says:

    That is both hilarious and retarded! But remember he is trying to feed his family by selling cheep head wear from china! I do find it a little weird that you didn’t ask for money back or anything like that, would it have cost you more to send the item back?

  2. karakurichan says:

    Oh that’s good you fixed it at least! Also how do you even ban a whole country on E-bay? I had no idea you could even do that! >3<

  3. Jesus Crisco says:

    Any news on the Rikugou Add-on?

  4. Hexatope says:

    Should’ve gotten ebay’s management on him for harassment, hah. Only problem I’ve ever had with Ebay was some idiot tried to send me a fake payment confirmation for my PSP and requested that I send everything (200 dollars worth of stuff) to some church bus stop in Lagos, Nigeria. I just told him no, you never paid for the item, ebay says it’s unpaid for, paypal says it’s unpaid for, i’m not shipping til I receive official notification. Since then I always require immediate payment for my items so I don’t have to wait 4 days for the unpaid item cases to go through.

    On an unrelated note, I love how the new armor looks! I was a little sketchy on buying the rikugou but with that anubis armor it looks perfect, Totally getting one next time I get a few dollars to spend. ^_^

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