– More third party content and the mesh deformer project –

Okay so here’s some more third party content created specifically for my avatars

I already mentioned this creator before but she came up with a lot more new stuff.

Check out Marrcia’s marketplace page for more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/123733

Another new creator is Elly who made some hair textures for Rikugou B hair



– The  Mesh Deformer project –

Probably most of you have heard this already, but a former linden labs employee Qarl Linden is working on a new mesh feature, It will allow meshes to make use of the remaining appearance editor sliders like lets say body fat, or boob size. Not only that, meshes that are deformer enabled, will also react to hand poses and face expressions(this ones just my speculation based on the screenshots i saw). On top of that, one unexpected but positive side effect is that all the deformer enabled meshes will also react to avatar physics.

What this means for us all is that we will no longer need to have 5 different sizes of the same jacket or pants, we will no longer need male and female versions, we will no longer need different boob size versions and so on. But probably the best part of this to me personally is that, this will turn the Avatar 2.0 into a fully functional avatar with face expressions, blink, hand poses, ability to fully customize the shape and face using the appearance editor.

However, there’s one huge problem with this that im afraid of, if im right, how this works is basically it uses a process similar to bone weight copy in blender, to copy the morph maps from the standard SL avatar onto the mesh, this measn that the quality of the deformations might be kind of terrible. Shape sliders might effect the wrong polygons and when lets say, increasing your boob size, will also increase bits of your chest around your boobs, kinda something that the LL avatar does already to itself if you set the boob size to max, due to the terrible terrible weight weighting and morphs. A far bigger problem might be face expressions, if the the avatar opens its mouth, how exactly will the deformer know witch polygons belong to the upper lip and witch belong to the lower lip D: so yeah, im defenetly excited about this project but also kind of scared.

Of course, this all is just my poorly educated speculations, DO NOT take anything i said and run off with it spreading it around as fact. There’s already enough bad rumors, people without any idea what it actually is and what it does, writing in their blogs on how its gonna break all the mesh content created before, and than the idiots reading those blogs without any understanding what they are even reading, make up their own versions of what they just read and than go and tell it to all their friends. You know, the average SL community behavior, to misread something, to not look into it more and to go around and cause mass panic.
So yeah to address the rumor about the new deformer feature breaking existing content, use your brain, would LL really break 4765829244 items of already existing mesh content and cause a massive gridwide inventory damage? The mesh deformer WILL NOT break any prior mesh, the worst that can happen is that older meshes that where uploaded before this feature might not react to the newly usable appearance editor sliders, you will still be able to wear your jeans and jackets, you will just not be able to change their boob and butt sizes.

– S4 outfit for Avatar 2.0



Finished the Avatar 2.0 version of the S4 outfit.

It’s a little something a lot of you have requested as well as one of those things i always wanted to redo in mesh. Compatible with both Avatar 2.0 and the U & A mesh bodies (the stockings of the full version wont work with the U & A body so better get the basic version instead if you don’t have the Avatar 2.0).As before, it comes in 2 kinds of sets, the full set that includes all the other things aside from the main part of the outfit (top and skirt) and the basic set that only includes the main part of the outfit. Keep in mind that, while the skirt might work with some shapes of the standard SL avatar, this outfit is not made for it and will not work with it, you will have to get the old sculpted prim version.

The full set

The basic set


Okay, so here’s a bunch of things that are too small to make up their own posts.

– Rikugou –

Not too long ago, I have updated the Rikugou core package with some bug fixes as well as included an update card with the package for future updates. For thsoe of you that already had the avatar bought ages ago, i did 3 update card give away rounds in 3 days where you had to come to AMH at a designated time, while wearing your Rikugou avatar, or at least a part of it and get your update card. For those of you who are not a member of the utilizator or Rikugou update groups or for some reason missed the notices or just couldn’t come you can still get the updates.

heres what you need to do: Wear the avatar, open the avatar in your inventory, go to the build menu and select your avatar so that it showed you as the owner, make sure your name tag is enabled and above your head. Take a screenshot of it all, do not use the screenshot to inventory option because the resolution makes your name unreadable, so instead, take a snapshot to your hard drive or use the magical print screen button and upload the image to sl and give it to me or upload it to some image host and paste me the link. Its also a good idea to do that with a notecard.

Update includes: A permanent fix for the jumping bug, fixed eye position glitch when wearing the avatar and probably the screwed up shape glitch after the avatar is detached, Fixed C arm socket texture, fixed the mirrored labels on the A, B and C right leg, fixed a the skin tone on body B, included additional textures in the bonus item box such as the face and the skin, added an update card for future updates.

– Avatar 2.0 –

Next i will be looking into what is causing the Avatar 2.0 to sink into the ground, btw to fix the sinking bug you need to detach your shoe layer and the avatar mesh body from yourself, than wear the body again and after that wear the shoe layer again.

I am also currently working on some more clothing for it, as well as porting some of my older outfits to mesh. Heres a preview of whats coming up next (this one is almost done too)

Its kind of exciting to redo these outfits because now i can do detail that i was never able to before mesh and like have another, and this time a proper without limitations, go at it.

After that i will also be finally looking into the M3 mesh anime head and also the non armored body for rikugou.

– Other stuff –

Here’s a few things for Avatar 2.0 made by a third party creator Marrcia, that you might find really useful, especially the custom body alphas system that let you wear mesh outfits that you couldn’t wear before due to the limitations of the body part hiding HUD.

Visit her marketplace page, more stuff  from here coming soon. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/123733