– S4 outfit for Avatar 2.0



Finished the Avatar 2.0 version of the S4 outfit.

It’s a little something a lot of you have requested as well as one of those things i always wanted to redo in mesh. Compatible with both Avatar 2.0 and the U & A mesh bodies (the stockings of the full version wont work with the U & A body so better get the basic version instead if you don’t have the Avatar 2.0).As before, it comes in 2 kinds of sets, the full set that includes all the other things aside from the main part of the outfit (top and skirt) and the basic set that only includes the main part of the outfit. Keep in mind that, while the skirt might work with some shapes of the standard SL avatar, this outfit is not made for it and will not work with it, you will have to get the old sculpted prim version.

The full set

The basic set


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2 Responses to – S4 outfit for Avatar 2.0

  1. Adrian says:

    Thank you for your continuing good work. The best av in SL with out any doubt :-) What hair are you using for the S4 outfit ? Thanks :-)

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