– Long hoodies –

And here they are, these hoodies come in 4 different variations of hood up/down and open closed, they also include tintable mesh hair that goes under the hood.

If you wanna use your own hair with it, you can rez your favorite hair on the ground, unlink the front of it and only use that as hair. If you wanna use the hoodie with an anime head, you can increase the size of the hood by increasing the head size in the appearance editor.


I have split off the sleeveless version of the hoodie into a separate project, its going to be released soon too.

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7 Responses to – Long hoodies –

  1. Fauqs says:

    Yay! ^w^ These are beautiful..but I was hoping the sleeveless would come out at the same time..at least it will be out soon. c: Gives me time to make some money for it~

  2. Fayne says:

    I bought a few of these hoodies the other day for my avatar 2.0, I totally love them! Keep up the good work utilizator. One question though, do you know where I can buy the hair you used as a standalone item? I want to use it with other outfits or on its own.

  3. just came by to check out this website. It is really superb and I enjoyed reading it, thank you very much for the good article!

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