– Sleeveless hoodies for Avatar 2.0 –

And they are done.

They come in 2 versions, hood up and hood down, LL versions and alphas are also included but you should read the details and try the demos first. An unexpected side effect is that the hood works with Rikugou’s head too.

Next up, the M3 mesh anime head

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10 Responses to – Sleeveless hoodies for Avatar 2.0 –

  1. Fauqs says:

    Yay. c: Awesomeness, in the form of sexy fashion. x3 I hope that Anime head is the best work you’ve done yet, I’ve been needing a really good mesh anime head. I know you won’t disappoint, you never do. ^^

  2. aomoristore says:

    where i can buy the hands Strength??? all out fit t.t i love thous hudys but i wanna all avi its so coooooooooooooool ><

  3. Arete says:

    I’ve noticed that the advertisements have the anime head on them. So did you just put the rikugou head on the 2.0 body or is that the new m3 head your working on?

  4. Rika says:

    The purple haired one would I be able to ask what hair that is please?

  5. Kitani Qinan says:

    I’d ask about the Strength hands, but I already read the answer!

    That being said… the sweater is awesome! Love it! :D

    Now I have to search for some mesh accessories and make myself a BRS av’…


  6. VyseLunar says:

    ah…such a wonderful item. Will the flat chested black hoody ever come out? would love to fork over my money for it.

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