– WIP the M3 mesh anime head –


Finally got something to show.


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16 Responses to – WIP the M3 mesh anime head –

  1. Enma says:

    :o this one look like Asuna i think she was called from SAO nice cant wait

  2. Fauqs says:

    I think its looking wonderful so far. c: I hope it can be out before Thanksgiving~I know its going to be better than any head on the market~

  3. Jizzle says:

    Whats the ETA on this cutie?

  4. Magius says:

    Looking really nice. Will it have animations too? :)

  5. Nano Charat says:

    This. This is the cutest head ever! I really hope it’s more versatile than the last. I really liked the Rikugou sets, but the heads weren’t really that functional. I’d really like to see some expressions and what not. Maybe something similar to what Tonic Takeover did? Make your own expressions via HUD by controlling each part of the head.

    I also hope it comes with a skin for use with the LL body, as opposed to just mesh. I love to use my own custom shapes and whatnot, and some of my favorite clothes happen to not be very meshy~ It would also be neat if the hands/feet could be used on the LL body, so they don’t have to look so fugly.

  6. Fauqs says:

    Wow… x~x; With the development time on this, this is probably going to be even more epic than the Anubis Armor…I bet it causes instantaneous anigasms…

  7. Kon-chan says:

    this head it’ll be an update for rikugo or body 1.8, or it wll be sell separated??
    well why i’m so poor T_T

  8. hobbit says:

    when is a release date for this head?

  9. DragonTechno says:

    Is this going to just be a head or a whole new avatar?

  10. Aaaaaaaaa I can’t wait~

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