– Status Update –

Okay so here’s a proper status update, here’s a bunch of things i think you all should know.

I have been getting a lot of requests for a male versions of the log and the sleeveless hoodies, such a version was originally in the works but i encountered a few cockblocking problems, mainly problems with the male shape. The male avatar shape screws the thing up so i needed to remodel the whole thing from scratch to fit the male avatar, and since the default LL avi wasn’t my focus, i was doing this for avatar 2.0, i decided that im not gonna bother. That being said, the flat chest version of these hoodies that i was doing for male avatars are somewhat finished but they will only work if you are using a female shape as a base for your male avatar. Since im getting a lot of requests for it and looks like a lot of people are actually using female shapes for their male avatars, im going to add those finishing touches to the flat chest versions and import them to SL. I will announce when they will become available.

Another thing that was always in the plans but i kept forgetting to do was  nipples and nipple tape addons for avatar 2.0

Also, im really fucking tired of the same question/request being asked again and again “add more hide options for the avatar 2.0 HUD”. I CAN’T add more options, the avatar 2.0 model is divided into separate materials (known as prim faces in SL), The HUD sets these faces to visible or invisible, hiding the body part that is marked with that face. The limit of faces for a mesh object is 8, that means i cannot add any more faces. That brings us to another annoying request “Make the HUD hide this instead of that” Fuck You, the avatar was divided in the most optimum way so that as many people would be satisfied as possible, im not going to ruin shit for everyone else just to satisfy your individual needs. On top of that, if you check the third party developers, Marcy has created a few hiding solutions using alphas, you might wanna see if it solves your problem and if it doesn’t, just do the same thing she did, alpha out the parts you want in photoshop.  You might ask why dont i just go for alpha textures myself instead of using faces, the answer is alpha glitches and since the avatar has so many skin tone textures, i would need to create 23756826826293763907 alpha texture versions of each skin tone, so no.

Also here’s my future plans for avatar 2.0, The development of the avatar and clothing is temporarily on hold because of the 2 mesh deformer projects that are in progress at the moment. The mesh deformer will let you use all of the appearance editor sliders to control the shape of your mesh avatar. I want the avatar 2.0 as well as its clothes to utilize this new technology and i don’t want to create anything that will become useless as soon as the deformer is out, there will be no way to update people who allready bought the clothes and im not going to redo everything i ever made. Both projects have some fundamental problems with them as they are now and im yet not sure what i will choose in the end for avatar 2.0. One of them will give us basic control like muscularity, fatness ass size it will give creators full control on how the sliders will effect these things but we will not be able to change stuff like face detail. The other project will give us full appearance editor functionality including faces and stuff and on top of that, face expressions and hand poses will also be possible to use with mesh. But the biggest problem with that is that we creators will have no control on how the sliders effect the mesh, meaning that in most cases, the mesh will get horribly distorted and this method will only really work properly with loose clothes that do not have a defined shape. So yeah this is why im temporarily stopping the project and waiting for the outcome of the 2 projects, if the Qarl manages to fix the distortion issue in his deformer, i might go with that since it would solve the huge problem of same face and no expressions of avatar 2.0, when everyone will be able to make their own face for it. But if Qarls deformer is a fail, im gonna go with the other guy.

And finally

Heres a few third party things for avatar 2.0



There was more but looks like the marketplace links arent working anymore, im going to make a proper post for these things later as well as some stuff for the CCD.


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