– What’s coming in 2013 –

2013 – So the world didn’t end

I don’t think that the Mayan calendar ending at 2012 ment the world will end at that date, i think it just means that 2012 was the last date the Mayans wrote down before they went extinct and there was no one to continue writing the calendar anymore :D

But anyway, wow time goes so fast, i haven’t even done half of what i planned for 2012, but lets hope i can finish it all this year :D so here’s what you should expect to come from me in 2013.

But first, a status update on the M3 head. The reason it didn’t come out for so long was cuz the project was halt due to technical complications. The head rendered really weird and shaded so terrible when uploaded to SL. I needed to redo the whole lower part of the face and all the face expressions i have already made, and holidays where already near , so i just said fuck it and took a break till next year. So im finally resuming the work on the head, i have already remade the face and now testing it ingame, it shades a lot better now, i just need to shrink the size of the upper/back part of the head (hair compatibility issues) and i will be ready to make face expressions again.

Just to tease you, here’s some of the features it will have: Separate control for eyes, mouth and eyebrows lets you create your own face expression, effects like blush and tears, easier than ever customization and development kit, select any eye color you want,  multicolor eyes, talk animation, different kinds of ears and lots of other stuff.

Okay so here’s what else is coming apart from the new head.


– Rikugou –

A naked body for Rikugou was something requested by a lot of you, but i had no intentions of doing it at first because A. you can use Rikugou’s head on Avatar 2.0 B. i had my hands full with the avatar 2.0 already, if i was to create a naked version of the body, i would have been flooded with complaints that none of the clothing fits it and i don’t really have the time and energy to launch another line of clothes. BUT your naked Rikugou body idea got me thinking, i imagined how it would look, how would all the attachment points look for the armor and all the other technical detail, and the more i thought about it, the more i wanted to do it. So, you win, you can see a small preview of how its going to be like at the top. Other things to come will be more alternative hair styles, the Temjin armor set that was supposed to come after Anubis and a few pieces of clothing for the naked body, and i wanna make some more armor sets.

– Avatar 2.0 –

Okay so obviously the single Avatar 2.0 model just cannot satisfy everyone’s needs so im going to split it into a few separate versions, there will be a headless version specially made to be used with the default linden avatar head(also the eye pop thing fixed), there will also going to be a version with alternative material areas, all of you who wanted to use sculpted feet and high heels will finally be able to do it without third party support. I will also going to revert a small change i did with the collar bones and try to find another way to narrow the shoulders. Finally, the thing i said about putting clothing on hold till mesh deformers are out, well i will only be partially putting it on hold, i will still be doing stuff but im going to do them in packs, because that way i can update you when i the mesh deformer is implemented. I will not make things that come in 8543213687498 color versions because that’s just too much to handle when creating update cards and update server entries for every item.  Finally i wanna make a seamless bigger boobs addon for avatar 2.0  and a few tops to go along with it.

– Other projects –

Okay im not yet sure about this one but, i MIGHT release the M3 head bundled with a mesh body. When i was making the naked Rikugou body, i also made a human version of it and it turned out pretty nice. Now im not sure if i wanna get myself into making another clothing line or not but the fact is that Avatar 2.0 doesn’t satisfy me as much anymore and Rikugou’s body looks just so much better, and on top of that i already have a body done (just need to texture and rig it) So i guess i could like do this joint project thing, making clothing for Avatar 2.0 i would also make a version that is compatible with the Rikugou android and human bodies just like i do with the .: U & A :. body, that would give me an extra bit of work but it wouldn’t be as much as a separate line.

When im done with everything, i wanna release my own mesh furry avatar that would rival the Blue Galaxy feline and that other bunny mesh avatar with incredibly hot ass.


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9 Responses to – What’s coming in 2013 –

  1. Misaka says:

    Dat mecha body

  2. Magius says:

    You have been busy! It’s just the 5th! XD
    Bunny mesh avatar, hot ass? Darn it… now I have to look.

  3. Brennalyn says:

    Love my Avatar 2.0 and can’t wait for the next round of goodies. Thanks for all of your hard work on this project.

  4. Rikugou’s my non-furry av of choice, with short green hair and a color scheme to match. I look forward to the new additions.

    That said, the my Panda-modded BG feline is my furry av of choice, and you have your work cut out for you if you think you can do better than that nice round ass.

  5. Miko101 says:

    You should totally go for a furry body that rivals the BG body and Viss body. Id look forward to using it

  6. Laura Bondi says:

    I really would like to have a new human body for Rikugou and more clothes for that lovely avatar. I love it! And with the new M3 head it could be the best for me!

  7. Doopi says:

    The Mayans are not extinct, the mayan empire may have failed but mayans still exist.

  8. anise says:

    sorry to necro but wondering what ever happend to the “Riku human body?” was that the lite body or something else?


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