– Rikugou Lite –

Being able to go all nekid was a little something requested by lots of people who own the Rikugou avatar, and well, now you can :D

This package does not include a head and is not compatible with clothing made for Avatar 2.0 and isn’t intended to be used in the same kind of way as Avatar 2.0. You have to own the Rikugou avatar to make full use of this package, don’t IM me about missing alphas and that sort of stuff.

Update your Rikugou avatar to the latest version since it has some fixes for bugs that caused some compatibility issues. If you are experiencing any kind of other difficulties, see the included general mesh troubleshooter before you contact me.


– What’s included in the package –

A naked body for Rikugou A and B (no head)
An outfit for body A and B
Bonus item box
Update card
A read me file
A general mesh problem troubleshooter
Landmark to the main store.

– Bonus items –

The bonus item box includes the C version of the core as well as the usual textures, UV maps and Bump maps for moding enthusiasts, and also a little bonus something to cover up your nakedness just a little :D.

As in all the previous releases, everything is full mod so you could give it your own unique touch to it. Instructions on how to personalize your avatar with more detailed examples are in the – Read Me – notecard.

Thats is all.


Next project: the M3 mesh anime head.


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4 Responses to – Rikugou Lite –

  1. karakurichan says:

    You really out did your self~3^ The hard points look amazing, and I really love the new ear pieces! You gets an A+ for awesomeness^3^

  2. ~Say~ says:

    really love this~!
    kinda noticed tho, using the normal Rikugou body, with these arms, seem like they don’t assemble very well with each other? :(

  3. Moto猫 says:

    RIKU Lite really needs nipples like the ones you made for Av2 and the UA body. >.>

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