– Third party addons and upgrades for Rikugou –

Here’s a little round up of all the third party stuff i managed to find on the marketplace. If youre not on this list and have made something for Rikugou, send me a link and i will put it up here

– Texture mods –

– Texture mods by Hiyori Mode –

2 nice looking texture edits, wish she made more.

– Texture mods by Shinku Magic –

Custom carbon fiber textures

Striped leg textures for the core Rikugou legs

These neat striped stockings comes in several different colors and can help you make an awesome looking character, im definitely getting these myself and see what i can make with them. Hope the creator comes up with more cool stuff like this.

– Luka’s Body Shop –

Rikugou Lite plug suit heart mod

Rikugou Lite Animated Heart

– Eleha Sewell –

12 ColorSet for Riku – B Hair

– ||☆Chromatica☆|| –

Rikugou B Custom Hair Colors

– Katsu Swords –

Riku Ganguro Skin Mod

– Scripts and addons –

– DarKreations –

Rikugou Core Controller


FINE TOO – Talk script for Rikugou

– Trixie’s Store –

Cyber Chrome glowing ears

Moving Dildo Tail

Cyber glowing ears

Tail Light

Heart Tail

WLan Antena Tail

– Kiss This! –

Rikugou shoulder cannons

Android safety sign

That is all, if you made something or know of something that i have overlooked, sent me your notecards and i will add them here.


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One Response to – Third party addons and upgrades for Rikugou –

  1. Zazi says:

    ~Scripts and Add-ons~
    Riku core controller.
    Some tossed me a copy of this in group. it was “nice” for the body it was built on/for and if you didn’t have any glow on the chest cover and bottom plate but if you do this won’t work for you as the glow will still show up. Also atm with the latest update of the Core Riku body the link set has changed. I’m in the proses of making my own version that will also have body/armor/joint/glow support. hopefully lol.. thats the plan at least atm XD will see.. havn’t started just yet soo still writing up concept of what it could do.

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