– WIP M3 anime head –

An update on the M3 head.

Finished all the face expression meshes, juts gotta tweak them.What you see here is some of the mouth and eye expressions.


Next im gonna make different eye textures and skin colors and all that stuff.


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15 Responses to – WIP M3 anime head –

  1. Looks amazing, will heterochromic eyes be possible?

  2. Magius says:

    Looks awesome! Any chance we might get different textures (like lipstick for example)? :)

  3. karakurichan says:

    Very chibi cute. You goin to make a nice skin to match the head, and maybe even have soem skin tones to match AV2.0 or U&A body?

  4. Mimmiomi Ushimawa says:

    This is indeed a good job there :D Can’t wait till it’s done ^-^

  5. Zetsae says:

    I’m sooo impatient for this amazing new head to come out, I’m just saving up my linden so I can buy it when it’s done.

    Would love to see new posts on the progress, or a date when you think it’ll be released. -flails arms- >w<

  6. Mikuchan says:

    Very very nice, especially if heterochromatic eyes are possible <3
    I hope the Rikus will get their own version of the non-prototype M3 tech as well, as an add-on if nothing else.

  7. aomoristore says:

    for when? t.t i need that head right now! looks great

  8. Will this head have a talking animation during typing?

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