– Status update – M3 head and other stuff –

Okay so for everyone who is wondering when is the M3 head coming out – Not soon.

All the face expressions, skin tones, eye styles, textures and other are long finished an the head is now in the scripting stage, this is where we ran into some difficulties. In order for all the planed features to work, the M3 system will involve some really complicated scripting and all of the promised features will take some time to be implemented. The script is being optimized and rewritten with each feature added, some of these features require a whole lot of code for them to work as intended and we decided that we will not be cutting corners and sacrificing features or quality of the product and try to push it out as fast as possible, no matter how pushy some of you are D:<, we take pride in our work and we will put in as much work in it as necessary for it to be worth your hard earned money.

oh and here’s how the HUD will look


On the other news, a bunch of updates will come soon for Rikugou and Avatar 2.0. The Avatar 2.0 will have an experimental 1.9 version update that does some fundamental changes to the shape of the head in order for it to not be dependent on custom joint positions. This will solve a few serious issues like the feet sinking into the ground and eyes popping out of your skull. The reason this update is experimental is because removing joint offsets will cause some compatibility issues with some of the clothing, mainly the U&A school swimsuit, so you shouldn’t be in a hurry to completely replace your 1.8 with 1.9.

I will post more details about these updates when they come out.


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19 Responses to – Status update – M3 head and other stuff –

  1. aly says:

    Was hoping it would release soon but oh well, the hud looks great and seems like it will definitely be worth the wait. Keep up the good work :3

  2. Magius says:

    Take your time Utilizator. If anything keeps me coming back is that everything you make is top notch and carefully crafted. It really shows.

  3. karakurichan says:

    Quite impressive*3* Also Yay! Heart eyes and cat lips!^3^

  4. Rei says:

    looks so great! can’t wait to see the new head (for mods ^0^) !!

  5. Mysty05 says:

    HEAR HEAR! Quality above quantity is a GOOD thing.

  6. CoreyD says:

    Nice, how will this change effect the Nice Too third party script?

  7. CoreyD says:

    ^in addition: Could she ever be able to display facial animations like our characters would when interacting with objects?

  8. Coreyd says:

    Never mind the second one, I had not fully read the question, and the third party script is called “fine too” it makes Rikugou’s head talk. once this update is complete that script will be obsolete anyway, since Rikiugou will be able to display Text & Voice chat animations as well as emotes? I only wonder if she can display animations triggered by sitting on /interacting with an object.

    • Kourtnee says:

      @CoreyD The M3 head is not part of RIkugou, as far as I am aware? It will have support for matching the default skin tones of bodies A and B. That’s about all it has to do with Rikugou. So, yes, the fine too script(s) won’t be needed for it, and won’t even work for it. I’m not really sure about your last inquiry. Triggering expressions based on what you interact with is something that can’t really be done automatically. The object you interact with would have to tell the head what to do, and that isn’t a planned feature at all.

  9. Kourtnee says:

    On a side note, for those paying attention to this blog post, the scripting is almost finished. There are some small things left to do, fix, and perhaps some extra testing later.

  10. Yasmine Isbell says:

    i’m realy impatien to have this new head for my Riku android, i love the Utilizator stuff :)

  11. Moto猫 says:

    Feature request: eyes with separate texture faces (for dichromatic and other effects). Composite image demonstrating a possible use case: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jdm1979uk/8558612541/

  12. Laura Bondi says:

    Already looking forward for it! I can’t wait!!!

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