– mass update –

Okay so its rather late but here’s the promised updates.

– Updates to the Avatar 2.0 –

Version 1.9

A fully reshaped head, previous attempts to make the head compatible with some of the mesh hairs made the Avatar 2.0 look like a monkey, her forehead looked too short. But the biggest problem was that the avatar still needed custom joint positions(witch are still bugged and and it doesn’t look like LL is in any hurry to fix it) for its eyes. Reshaping the head to fit into the proportions of the LL avatar’s head means that the Avatar 2.0 no longer needs to use custom joint positions. This solves a whole bunch of problems, the biggest problem of avatar – sinking into the ground, the occasional eye pop glitch, messed up shape and some other issues. The reshaped head also has its neck line higher so for those of you who wanted to use the Avatar 2.0 with LL avatar’s head this should fix the neck problem. Although the shape of the head is still very anatomical incorrect, at least it doesn’t look like a monkey head anymore :D

So long story short, heres all the changes:

A Fully reshaped head.
No more custom joint positions.
Fixed the feet ground sink glitch.
Fixed the eye popping glitch.
Fixed the messed up shape glitch.
Pulled up the neck line for LL head users.
Changed how the foot and leg areas are hidden, you can now wear high heel shoes with sculpted/mesh feet. Due to this change, you wont be able to wear sneakers for now but im going to make a pair of socks that hide the missing area below the ankle.
Hands are now a bit smaller.
Feet on the stockings are now automatically shown and hidden whenever you wear shoes or hide your feet using the HUD.
Added a bonus item box with skin textures, uv maps, hair base and other stuff.
Some other small fixes to the mesh and other included items.

Due to the changes to the shape of the head, both old and new avatar 2.0 users that use custom shapes, will need to readjust the size, spacing and depth of your eyes for compatibility.
These are the new values:
Eye size: 45-100
Eye spacing: 60
Eye depth: 27


– Rikugou – Core A/B  –

Changes to the head script, you can now use custom eye textures by copying and pasting the UIID into the head’s description text box in build mode.
Mechanical part textures, Eye textures and an eye template are now included in the bonus item box.


– Rikugou – Lite –

Extended the neck line for people who wanna use the Lite body with the linden avatar head.


Now one person had problems with the rikugou core making her linden avatar eyes go sideways like that < _ > i didn’t fix this bug cuz i couldn’t find the actual problem and could reproduce it on my end. If you are reading this, maybe you had something else attached that made your eyes spread apart or you used an older version of the core, dunno, try these updates and try to only wear the core and nothing else and see if it still happens, if it does contact me again cuz i forgot your name.


And finally some news about the M3 head and im gonna clear a few things up.

The M3 anime head is almost finished, there’s only some minor problems to be fixed and some finishing touches done to the script and than of course lots of rigorous testing and it will be ready. Now to clear things up, the final M3 head is a product separate from Rikugou. It is created from scratch and has a different shape, but it will have a Rikugou compatibility mode. The original Rikugou head will also get the final M3 system update but it will not be all that soon since i will need to create all the textures and face expressions and blink and other stuff for it too.


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8 Responses to – mass update –

  1. Savos says:

    If beta testers are needed for the M3 head, I would gladly volunteer and even pay double price for it. :O

    • Kourtnee says:

      The head isn’t really in a beta-like state at this point. It’s been tested thoroughly while being scripted. Once the scripting is completed, it would be quality assurance “testing”. Which, I think we have that covered.

  2. Magius says:

    Thanks for the bit of news! Awesome work!

  3. Anna says:

    my TCC Body Suit doesn’t fit anymore after updating my Avatar 2.0 to v1.9 :(

  4. Xc f. says:

    Great! A little patience and time is worth the finished product. Is it going to be like Rikugou and me fully modify?

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