– The M3 Mesh anime head –

The long awaited M3 mesh anime head is here!

Up until the first M3 prototype head for Rikugou, all anime heads on sl where just sculpted prim blobs with faces drawn on them, they didn’t have eyes or mouths and most of the older ones used to be no mod, making them impossible to customize and match your avatar.

The M3 prototype was the first SL anime head ever to have real eyes that can look around and a mouth that can open. Even tho it was just a small preview of the possibilities of mesh heads and whats coming, it jump started an new age of SL anime avatars. Mesh gave us the power to do things that where simply not possible before.

This head is the direct successor to the M3 prototype, it features all the customization and expression options that you would come to expect from the M series heads, and greatly expands on them, also bringing plenty of new features to the table, giving you unlimited possibilities of what you can do with it. Features such as ability to create, save and load your own presets, setting your own eye color, the improved expression mixer from M2 giving you over 9000 possible expression combinations(im not shitting you, i did some math on the calculator multiplying the mouth expressions by the eyebrow and blush and tears and additional eye size and roll options in the settings HUD and stuff)the original M2 head only had like 64.

Scroll down for a full feature list.


– whats included in this package –

A manual  (read this carefully before you IM me saying ZOMG DIS BUTAN NO WORK!!111)
Style card
M3 Head
Head alpha mask
Full body alpha(No LL eyes for Avatar 2.0)
Emote pack
Bonus items
Update card
Landmark to the store

Bonus items:

UV maps
A neck for Rikugou avatars
Away sign


– Full list of features –

Full mod – scale it, link stuff to it, rip or replace its textures, go crazy with it but make backups before you do!
Expression mixer – create your own expressions.
Segmentation – the face is split up into individual elements that can be controlled separately, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, effects such as blush and tears.
Advanced options menu – this is where you customize your head, choose its eye styles, colors, skin color, ear types, add custom textures, misc options.
Heterochromia – set a different color to each eye.
Presets – create, save and load your own presets for eyes, skins and face expressions.
Animations – eyes blink, look around, the mouth moves when you type or talk on voice chat,
Emotes – the head can display a face expression based on what smiley face you typed in local chat, like :3 and :D and :O and so on.
Effects – 3 different blush and 2 tears effects.
Facelight – built in face light (disabled by default)
2 types of ears + ability to hide them.
Rikugou compatibility mode – skin tones for Rikugou A and B avatars + can use Rikugou’s eyes.


– Bonus items and customization –

The bonus items box contain textures, uv maps and templates for those of you who want to take your customizations one step further or make mods. There is also a neck for the rikugou avatar in case you wanna use this head with it.
Not everything can be changed through the HUD but some stuff you can change through edit mode, like for example the color of eyebrows and eyelashes. BTW Rikugou’s eye textures work with this head too.


– known bugs –

Due to the pesky alpha glitches, the glow option will not work correctly  when activated in base mode, use the glow option in tex mode instead.

The HUD will not display correctly if Object Detail (LOD) is set below 2.500 in graphics options.A tiny problem with alphas, sometimes the base layer of the eye will be rendered on top of the texture layer, its annoying but theres a few easy fixes, one of them is just right clicking the head and it fixes it. The HUD has the same problem, if you detach it while the options or presets menu windows are open and attach it again, the eye textures will be bugged, to fix it, hide and show the options and presets menus or right click the HUD.
No clear indication for when the tongue can be used, might be confusing at first.


Oh yeah and all the M2 heads in my ingame store are now 50% off and the M1 head is 95% off.


Well that’s that, have fun :3

– Metasequoia – Introduction and setting it up –

– Introduction –

Before i begin any tutorials, first i need to introduce you to my tools of trade, since all these tutorials will be orientated towards them and might not be useful to you, if you are using another software package.

Metasequoia is a poplar (in japan) 3D modeling program. It is simple, straight forward, and easy to understand, it is good for both beginners just getting into 3D and people with prior 3D  experience. It is good for creating videogame models 3DCG models.

The metasequoia project was started by Dr. O.Mizno in 1998 and is still an ongoing development. The program has freeware and shareware version, the shareware version requires license if you wanna be able to save to other formats apart from its native format .MQO and use plugins, apart from that, you can freely use it to learn and create stuff. The license is pretty cheep, just 45$ and if you are hesitant to buy it, you can also get a free 30 day trial license to try it out, but you dont need them cuz you can try it out without a license anyway, you only need license to be able to use plugins and export your stuff to blender, witch is another program i am using and going to get into later. Or you could always find some plugin for blender that can import .MQO files.

you can get the program here http://www.metaseq.net/metaseq/index.html
English version of the page http://www.metaseq.net/english/index.html




– Setting it up –


Assuming you have already downloaded and extracted the program and launched it and selected your language as English, the very first thing you need to do is go to file and disable basic mode, basic mode hides some of the important tools that im going to be using in my tutorials.


Now go to file again and this time go to configuration. This is where you set the program up and the very first thing you need to do here is set the UI theme. the default UI looks really ugly and hard to understand so i am using a custom UI that i made out of one older theme that used to come with metasequoia but than it got discontinued cuz it didn’t have the buttons for all the new features that got added later. you can download my theme here

Extract the mo24.style and mo24.bmp into your metasequoia’s Data folder. now in the screen settings, below the language drop down menu where it says style, select mo24.style.
Set the status bar to align bottom, the status bar will show you tool tips and other useful information.


in the preview tab, set the texture resolution to maximum and enable anti aliasing if you want smooth lines and edges.


In the file tab you can set the default directories for where there program will look for your work material like textures and bump maps and stuff, you can also enable automatic backup of your files so that you wouldnt accidentaly loose any work, i have it disabled cuz i have my own way of making backups. You should also set the file associations for .MQO files.


In the system tab, set max undo to 1000 and memory to 512mb, you can always undo everything if you screwed something up and didn’t notice it right away and kept working.


In the edit tab, set the shape of the rotation handle to arrows instead of rings cuz its fucking impossible to grab those rings in some camera angles.


And you are done with the configuration menu and can click OK and we are almost done, just a few more things left to do. Now you can see stuff grouped into tabs on the left side of the screen, the very first tab is called system, find 2 buttons called ObjPanel and MatManel and press them both, this opens the object panel and the material panel. Grab them and dock them to the right side of your screen. The object panel is an object layer window that works the same exact way as layers work in 2D programs like photochop. The material panel is kinda like your color/texture palette.


Finally, in the edit option tab, set the type of selection you want, free line or box and you are all done.

edit options tab

Now you are ready to begin work, my next tutorial will show what button does what and that sort of stuff, but until i actually get off my lazy as and do it, you could try figuring that out on your own by clicking stuff and seeing what it does.

– More third party mods and addons for Avatar 2.0 and Rikugou –

Im gonna start this of with a video i came across by accident, while browsing youtube in a party at friend’s place, i didn’t even know what i was looking for cuz i was too piss drunk and high, it was a nice surprise and kinda trippy too so i wrote it down on my phone so that i wouldn’t forget it (i forgot i wrote it down for like a week tho) Anyway the video is pretty awsome so check it out

So here’s the awesome new third party stuff

Rikugou + BG feline mods by ::Static::

This isn’t really a mod for Rikugou but it requires Rikugou’s head and hair in combination with the Blue Galaxy feline avatar. Click the store banner above to go to the Static store and see all the colors versions of this mod.

Content by Simplicity

She has made way to many skins, make up, clothing items and other stuff for me to list here so click the banner to go to the marketplace store of Kaie Kaur and check all that stuff out.

Rikugou Lite furry skin mods by No Pants

some really nice looking skins. Click the banner to go check them all out(there’s more).

Rikugou Lite plug suit mods by .:FLFF:.

Click on one of these images to go to the .:FLFF:. store and check out all her mods(there’s more).

Stuff by Katsu Swords (Chomps)

She only started but she already has some interesting stuff, click on one of these 2 images to go to her store.

– Big ass CCD update –

So i finally got up my lazy ass and check all these CCD notecards that have piled up so here’s some more swag for you guys.


Been trying demos and reviewing the items all day and added 12 items to the CCD, gonna add 3 or 4 more items later when im done interrogating my friend on where he got his stuff. Gonna be adding more third party content for Rikugou and Avatar 2.0 next.

Here’s a link to the CCD page

– Another update –

Okay so i have seem to found the thing that caused the eyes to go sideways if you where using the LL avatar head with Rikugou’s body, it all should be good now, i also fixed some other stuff and added version numbering to Rikugou’s body filename to solve some confusions, here’s a list of things that have been updated.

Rikugou A and B 1.11
Fixed a problem with eye bones, making the LL avatar head eyes go sideways.
Fixed the head texture permission problem, updated the head UV map.

Rikugou Lite 1.3
Fixed a problem with eye bones, making the LL avatar head eyes go sideways.
Fixed the glitched UV map on the extended neck line
Included the missing mechanical part texture.

Now for those of you who had problems with the Avatar 2.0 versions of the TCC and CCCP body suits after the 1.9 update, i have updated the suits to work with the new version of the body, you will still need to use the HUD to hide your body but it shouldn’t cause you any problems in the neck area. Now there’s 2 ways you can get a new version of the suit, one would be to go to my store and pick up a new copy. But since this is not an option to most of you, another way would be to do the same thing as the time with Rikugou update cards. Wear the suit, go to the build menu and select it while wearing it so that it showed you as the owner in the general tab of the build menu, make sure your name tag is enabled and above your head. Take a screenshot of it all, do not use the screenshot to inventory option because the resolution makes your name unreadable, so instead, take a snapshot to your hard drive or use the magical print screen button and upload the image to sl and give it to me or upload it to some image host and give me the link in a notecard.

Now about the marketplace scam, LL just doesn’t give a shit, multiple ARs from me did nothing and the scamer is still ripping people off. If you where a victim of gaara zarco’s scam, what you need to do is send LL an abuse report on both L$ fraud and marketplace fraud in the game, flag his items in his store, write a review warning people about the scam on the marketplace and than submit an angry support ticket saying how pissed you are that LL isnt takign care of that scammer and demand your money back. Maybe after receiving lots of ARs from multiple people, they will get off their lazy ass and do something.

– Beware of Marketplace SCAM –

If you see any Rikugous or Avatar 2.0s on the marketplace with a 50% discount written next to them, be careful cuz its a trap. Some dude named Gaara Zarco is pretending to be me on the marketplace, he made an exact copy of my store and he is selling empty white prim cubes disguised as my items for half their price. Here’s his store https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/135531

Tried to Report him, LL removed the listings but looks like they didn’t band him an he just relished them. The account is 3 years old already and no one in their right mind would do this without making an alt, so im guessing the account is hacked or something?

Anyway, be warned and spread the word, When buying something of MP, always check who is selling it, look at the user name below the store name, check if its Utilizator mode.