– Beware of Marketplace SCAM –

If you see any Rikugous or Avatar 2.0s on the marketplace with a 50% discount written next to them, be careful cuz its a trap. Some dude named Gaara Zarco is pretending to be me on the marketplace, he made an exact copy of my store and he is selling empty white prim cubes disguised as my items for half their price. Here’s his store https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/135531

Tried to Report him, LL removed the listings but looks like they didn’t band him an he just relished them. The account is 3 years old already and no one in their right mind would do this without making an alt, so im guessing the account is hacked or something?

Anyway, be warned and spread the word, When buying something of MP, always check who is selling it, look at the user name below the store name, check if its Utilizator mode.



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