– Another update –

Okay so i have seem to found the thing that caused the eyes to go sideways if you where using the LL avatar head with Rikugou’s body, it all should be good now, i also fixed some other stuff and added version numbering to Rikugou’s body filename to solve some confusions, here’s a list of things that have been updated.

Rikugou A and B 1.11
Fixed a problem with eye bones, making the LL avatar head eyes go sideways.
Fixed the head texture permission problem, updated the head UV map.

Rikugou Lite 1.3
Fixed a problem with eye bones, making the LL avatar head eyes go sideways.
Fixed the glitched UV map on the extended neck line
Included the missing mechanical part texture.

Now for those of you who had problems with the Avatar 2.0 versions of the TCC and CCCP body suits after the 1.9 update, i have updated the suits to work with the new version of the body, you will still need to use the HUD to hide your body but it shouldn’t cause you any problems in the neck area. Now there’s 2 ways you can get a new version of the suit, one would be to go to my store and pick up a new copy. But since this is not an option to most of you, another way would be to do the same thing as the time with Rikugou update cards. Wear the suit, go to the build menu and select it while wearing it so that it showed you as the owner in the general tab of the build menu, make sure your name tag is enabled and above your head. Take a screenshot of it all, do not use the screenshot to inventory option because the resolution makes your name unreadable, so instead, take a snapshot to your hard drive or use the magical print screen button and upload the image to sl and give it to me or upload it to some image host and give me the link in a notecard.

Now about the marketplace scam, LL just doesn’t give a shit, multiple ARs from me did nothing and the scamer is still ripping people off. If you where a victim of gaara zarco’s scam, what you need to do is send LL an abuse report on both L$ fraud and marketplace fraud in the game, flag his items in his store, write a review warning people about the scam on the marketplace and than submit an angry support ticket saying how pissed you are that LL isnt takign care of that scammer and demand your money back. Maybe after receiving lots of ARs from multiple people, they will get off their lazy ass and do something.


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3 Responses to – Another update –

  1. Cherry Mendoza says:

    If AR is still failing, you might try the DMCA route on the product images. Unfortunately LL only takes fax or snail mail notices, unless you were tapped for their super secret forever-in-beta automatic system.

  2. Yasmine Isbell says:

    Thank for this update !

  3. Draco says:

    try calling them directly there should be a 1800 or a toll number on the web page,that will work because I has some one reselling my items on the marketplace a long time ago and the guy banned for life

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