– More third party mods and addons for Avatar 2.0 and Rikugou –

Im gonna start this of with a video i came across by accident, while browsing youtube in a party at friend’s place, i didn’t even know what i was looking for cuz i was too piss drunk and high, it was a nice surprise and kinda trippy too so i wrote it down on my phone so that i wouldn’t forget it (i forgot i wrote it down for like a week tho) Anyway the video is pretty awsome so check it out

So here’s the awesome new third party stuff

Rikugou + BG feline mods by ::Static::

This isn’t really a mod for Rikugou but it requires Rikugou’s head and hair in combination with the Blue Galaxy feline avatar. Click the store banner above to go to the Static store and see all the colors versions of this mod.

Content by Simplicity

She has made way to many skins, make up, clothing items and other stuff for me to list here so click the banner to go to the marketplace store of Kaie Kaur and check all that stuff out.

Rikugou Lite furry skin mods by No Pants

some really nice looking skins. Click the banner to go check them all out(there’s more).

Rikugou Lite plug suit mods by .:FLFF:.

Click on one of these images to go to the .:FLFF:. store and check out all her mods(there’s more).

Stuff by Katsu Swords (Chomps)

She only started but she already has some interesting stuff, click on one of these 2 images to go to her store.


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