Okay so here,s a bunch of stuff that im gonna throw in this single blog post.

– M3 head Review –

Inuoko Shikami has made a pretty nice review of M3 anime head, you can read her review here http://wordsdevoursouls.blogspot.com/2013/04/m3-mesh-anime-head-review.html



– The M3 head blending kit –

For those of you who wanna use this head with the default  Linden avatar body, ||☆Chromatica☆|| has made this blending kit that will allow you to seamlessly joint your M3 Head with your neck, perfect if you are wearing short hair or hair that is tied up.


– Avatar 2.0 –

Here’s some really good news for you Avatar 2.0 users i have came up with a way to overcome the 8 face limit on mesh objects! What this means is that this opens up unlimited body area hide possibilities. Not only that, this will allow the Avatar 2.0 to have different hand position’s, face expressions, and maybe even blink.


It’s still a bit too early to say this but this might make the CCD obsolete since now you will be able to wear almost everything.


– Sepph shirts for avatar 2.0 –

Sepph has made some T-shirts for Avatar 2.0, they also contain special alphas for every skin tone and instructions on how to use them. Click this banner to see them all.


– Other stuff  –

Okay so here’s some other news, the male crowd can finally rejoice cuz Anahi (.::U & A::.) is going to soon be coming up with a Male version of of her mesh body and a few pieces of clothing to go with it.

I have finished rigging the flat versions of the long and sleeveless hoodies too and made a closed version of the open shorts that still needs to be rigged.

M3 Head might be getting another update soon that includes some stuff that we forgot, like the center eye position in the roll menu and options menu lock for when its not shown (so that you wouldn’t accidentally turn your head blue or something while trying to click on something)

That is all.



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8 Responses to – UTILIZATOR NEWS –

  1. Masato Anabuki says:

    The new face limit news is amazing! That combined with a male 2.0 has me very excited. I won’t press my luck, but hopefully a male M3 will come down the line as well too. I’d also like to make a recommendation that ears be hidable separately from the rest of the head if possible to accomodate various headwear. I didn’t see it as a mark on the diagram, so I figured it’d be best to mention it as an idea. Either way thanks for all the hard work and I can’t wait to pick up some stuff.

  2. Kalunista says:

    Woot! The news I have been waiting for about the additional alpha options. You have made my weekend. Can’t wait to try it out and the new face options are very exciting as well. Thanks again for all the great updates and additions.

  3. darkflaky says:

    hola me encanta el avatar 2.0 pero e tenido problemas con algunas cosas como con las expreciones entre algunas cosas mas lei que el nuevo CCD viene con todas esas opciones pero quisiera saber si es necesario comprar denuevo el avatar entero o se puede comprar el CCD aparte gracias n_n
    disculpen si lo que escribi es dificil de entender no se ingles y use un traductor

    Hello I love the avatar and 2.0 but had problems with some things like with a few more things expreciones between the new CCD lei comes with all those options but let me know if you need to buy the whole denuevo avatar or you can buy the separate CCD thanks n_n
    sorry if what I wrote is not hard to understand English and use a translator

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