– Noko anime male mesh body –

.::U&A::. has finally released a mesh male anime body. It comes in 2 shapes and 2 skin colors, a normal shape and a feminine with wider hips, thicker thighs and a bigger ass. The feminine body is also compatible with stuff for Avatar 2.0 bottom part of the body, like the closed shorts.

This is not yet up on MP cuz ana is lazy, so you will have to come down to the AMH mall and go to her shop for it.



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9 Responses to – Noko anime male mesh body –

  1. Vincent says:

    This body isn’t the best, but I guess it’s decent enough.
    Ask someone to show you it in-world before buying it!

  2. Di says:

    The body is perfect! I was looking forward to make a femboy and at last i can! Well there could of been a better way for customizing it, i mean a hud like the avatar 2.0 would of been nice, and not manualy having to hide parts every time you are changing outfits. I ve tried getting the script off the avatar 2.0 and adding it to that body but some of the parts dont work as intended, for example if i try to hide the feet it hides the neck instead XD But i guess you can memorize the positions.

  3. Frick says:

    Ive been looking for a feminine male mesh FOREVER.I was overly excited about this until I started modding it. The nipples stick out and it looks very bad in midday settings.if the chest was smooth, it would be the best purchase I’ve ever made.

    • everything looks awful in midday setting in case you didn’t notice :D

      • Spooky says:

        This is an issue with the mesh itself. The nipples poke out because the mesh is exactly the same as avatar v2, which had breasts. Just shrinking them down and keeping the same topology is of course going to look wrinkled and pointy. I could cheat and use windlight, but ill be prancing around with twisted nipples to everyone that is using default lighting. This would be an easy fix in blender.
        Maybe instead of being sassy to your customers, you should take their suggestions seriously.

      • well first of all, this isn’t my product so you are not my costumer, U & A stuff belongs to anahi suisei, second, people don’t usually use the midday setting unless they are building or something, the default sl sky setting is region setting.

  4. Fevz says:

    I don’t think frick is tryin’ to step on any toes with the comment, but I too have the same opinion.

    I love the body very much, but I agree with the raised nipple area. It isn’t noticible on the skin that comes with the base, but with custom textures without nipples it does leave behind a strange raised area that looks odd inworld lighting.

    If anymore modifications are going to be done to this male base in the future maybe it would be something that could be looked at at least to provide a smoother texture for modding.

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