– Pimp my bike –

So this was my summer project. Decided to freshen up my bike cuz it was looking kinda old and tired, im i already have other ideas of what i could have done with it, i guess im gonna redo it the next summer again.



– M3 Texture Applier –

And here it is, finally got around packing it and releasing it.

This is the M3 anime head texture applier for M3 texture mod developers. This will allow you to sell your texture mods without having to give out your textures or UIIDs full perm, it will also save a lot of trouble for people that will use those mods. (this will not work with the M3 Prototype head that comes with Rikugou.)

And here’s the very first mod that uses the M3 texture applier by Anahi Suisei (.::U & A::.)

Also, i keep forgetting to mention this, but there’s a test update for the M3 head if anyone’s interested, if it works than it should load the eye base layer faster (a fix for the temporary-solid eye thing)

– A mountain of new stuff –


Well not really a mountain but here it is.

Update your Avatar 2.0 to the latest version (1.10b) cuz some of this stuff wont work right with older versions. (if the update server isn’t responding or only giving you a notecard, try again later)

also i finally got around adding the male hoodies to the marketplace.

Visit my marketplace page to see them all.