– A mountain of new stuff –


Well not really a mountain but here it is.

Update your Avatar 2.0 to the latest version (1.10b) cuz some of this stuff wont work right with older versions. (if the update server isn’t responding or only giving you a notecard, try again later)

also i finally got around adding the male hoodies to the marketplace.

Visit my marketplace page to see them all.

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10 Responses to – A mountain of new stuff –

  1. Kalunista says:

    First of all…THANK YOU!! I picked up these items last night but it was late and I was getting sleepy so will play with them more today. I did notice a small clipping where the crotch and thigh meet on the close fitting bottom items which causes the avatar mesh body to move through the shorts/pants/tights. But only a small thin line certain animations of my AO. It is still way better than the hip gaps that I get with other mesh bottoms. I am in love with the half top, bikini and skirt already-and sexy undies!. I have a belt…a real belt that works…YAY!! Thanks again (runs all crazy back to SL)

  2. Ruby says:

    Thank you for this release. Just a few questions: Are the textures modifiable ? Coming with template? I am looking for a way to paint some clothes layers. The best would have been to be able to do projection painting within Blender, thu.

  3. I still have been putting off switching to the newest Av2 mesh. In some lightings the new seams of the body are super apparent. :(

  4. msjasminemckay says:

    I’m just wondering if these are compatible with the U&A noko body…

  5. asdafa says:

    I can’t change the texture, clicking them doesn’t do anything for me.

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