– Attack on titans uniform by Arbalest and server side baking –

This is a little something that Arbalest was working on for some time, but *Edelweiss* beat them to it and released their 3D Maneuver Gear, nevertheless this didn’t discourage my friends and they have finally finished their version of the outfit.


The outfit is Avatar 2.0 compatible and the metal parts of it have some nice detail.

– Server side baking –

This shit is important.

The majority of SL’s users are out of touch with the behind the scenes developments of SL, people aren’t following LL’s official blog posts or any other SL news sources. Normally this isn’t such big of a deal because most of those of those developments lead to small changes here and there that do not really effect their second life experience, of course some of those changes are not so small and people who where uninformed about the coming of those changes, get all butt mad when they happen and blame LL. Like changes to the marketplace delivery system or display names.

But this new change will be like nothing LL has ever pulled before, the server side texture baking, this will break all v1 based viewers and all the viewers that aren’t up to date. people who are using outdated viewers will suddenly see everyone else all fucked up and people will see them all fucked up too. Grab the popcorn cuz there’s There is going to be so much rage :D

According to the phoenix project website According to the latest statistics from LL there are still some 67,000+ users on Phoenix and 77,000+ on Firestorm versions that are NOT compatible with Server Side Appearance (for Firestorm, that means any version older than 4.4.0). That is nearly 150,000 users who will have to update in this two-week period. I suspect most will wait until the very last minute or will wait until it’s too late. Why the fuck do people still even use phoenix at all is beyond me but boy are they in for a surprise :D. “We will begin using all our resources to notify Phoenix users of the upcoming change and the need to upgrade. If you are a Phoenix user, you may find this to be annoying and nagging – sorry about that – but there are a great many users who do not pay attention to upcoming changes and have no idea their experience is about to become epic fail.” Now this will effectively kill all v1 based viewers (i hope) unless some asshole is going to reverse engineer server side baking and implement it into the v1 code like they did with mesh :C, With the death of the v1 viewers, we can finally have all those nice things like custom bone systems and other stuff that LL was afraid to give us cuz too many people are still playing SL on old discontinued viewers.

BTW im kinda posting this really late cuz there’s only 2 days left till server side baking is live (July 9) and i still haven’t updated myself cuz i was too lazy :D…..

So yeah, anyone who still didn’t know about this, its about time to update your firestorm or linden or any other viewers that have an update for server side baking support.


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7 Responses to – Attack on titans uniform by Arbalest and server side baking –

  1. karakurichan says:

    I haven’t seen the *Edelweiss* version yet But I really like this one since it looks good on AV 2.0, also I haven’t seen the anime yet but I read some of the manga and it seems good so far and my favorite character turned out to be a villain which is always great:P Also server side baking will hopefully help with lag. I have a hard time with people and their sculpt heavy avatars.

    • im not really sure what that will solve other than fix all the baking problems and slow avatar texture load, but since i quit using the linden avatar a long time ago, all of this is not really relevant to me xD, and btw the edelwise uniform works with avatar 2.0 too

  2. Fachizzle says:

    Singularity and CoolVL viewers, both v1, have had server side baking capability for quite some time. The only well known v1 viewers that are dead for sure are Phoenix and Imprudence, and of course the old SL versions. Some irony is that two of the viewers that are *not* ready for SSA are Exodus and Dolphin, which are both v3 viewers yet the v1 Singularity and the v1 CoolV have had SSA support for quite a while. In fact, CoolVL was the first viewer that had support for it in an official release back at the very beginning of the year.

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