– Ads on SL and second life premium –

Okay so for a few days i was having this problem with all the SL web services, like the marketplace or the SL dashboard, the pages just went blank after they finished loading. I was too lazy to figure out whats wrong and i didn’t need to use them at that time and i thought that a simple computer restart will fix it so i left it alone for a while, today i needed to use the marketplace and looks like a simple restart didn’t do the trick, so i started googling and trying to figure out what is wrong, i launched IE and opened the marketplace there and noticed some really bizarre ads allover the place, so i went back to firefox and disabled adblock for a moment and tried loading the my dashboard again, and it loaded but… I started to think that i might have some spyware on my computer or something cuz it also loaded those bizarre out of place ads, they broke the website Layout and didn’t fit with the rest of the page style, i went to the forums to see if anyone else is experiencing this and to my surprise, everyone was. This isn’t some spyware, this is LL’s doing !?


i went to check their blog and found this post http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Advertising-on-Second-Life-Web-Properties/ba-p/1927315

So they just slaped this shit on with no prior warning?  and they are going to expand on this bullshit by putting ads to our profiles and and other places and they say

“The placement of these ads is designed to be unobtrusive, as we don’t want them to interfere with your Second Life experience on the web, and we’re taking care to keep the content appropriate.”

Well they are doing a piss poor job because i have seen some really offensive and disturbing shit, like fake download links to fake software(spyware), creepy looking ads, cheep porn ads and all kinds of other shit that isn’t relevant to SL. I couldn’t understand their stated reasons for it, something about it being a great opportunity for spam agencies to reach out to us and advertise us vacuum cleaners and viagra?  but if i get this right, their main goal is to make SL users be able to purchase these ad spaces to advertise their products. This is all fine and dandy but don’t we already have a system for this? like all the marketplace ads that we pay LL to show our products and all the classifieds and other advertising in second life search and other places? i mean we already have all this so whats the point of adding another layer of this on top of this?

Whats pants on head retarded the most is that premium users cannot escape this either, it doesn’t matter if your premium or not, you will still see this crap, so than what am i even paying them for? what kind of actual benefits do users get out of premium?

– whats the point to premium anyway? –

There’s a lot of urban legends going around about the benefits of a second life premium subscription, things like better protection from false ARs or LS exchange limit increase. Im a premium user myself, i signed up for premium hoping it will increase my limits, but that didn’t happen :C so let me tell you what premium actually does and what it doesn’t doesn’t do:

It will not increase your L$ selling limits, even if your limit is zero, getting premium wont change that.
It will not give you any special rights, guarantees or protections, LL will treat you like trash regardless of your account status.
It will not give you any other benefits you might think of.

what it actually does is:

It gives you like 100L$ a month or something like that, the amount is kinda ridiculously small so i don’t even see the point(for that 15$ you could get far more L$)
You get a crappy looking house in a laggy cramped up sim where houses stand like 2 meters away from each other and you can see what your neighbors are doing through their windows, zero privacy.
You get live chat support (that you can reach even without premium if you go to the premium subscription page and click the ask a question button) that cannot really do shit about your problem, they are never able to give you any real help, their only purpose is to paste you links to irrelevent outdated SL wiki articles.
You get access to premium VIP destinations, all fucking 2 of them, one is this empty looking jungle sim that would have been kinda impressive in 2004 i guess, and the other one is this empty sandbox for builders.
You can “own” land.

So basically, the only real reason you would get premium is because it is mandatory if you want to own land(and owning land is a shit idea btw cuz youre going to get screwed over by LL really hard if youre just one day late to pay the rent (yes you still pay so you don’t really own shit so whats the point even), or someone did something bad on your land without you knowing it. read more about that one http://alphavilleherald.com/2010/02/historic-what-sim-for-sale-goons-go-back-to-baku.html

– The real motivation behind these ads –

According to one blog (that i cant find anymore), LL is doing this to combat their declining income from land tiers,  if that’s the case than what LL really should be doing, make your stupid shit cheaper you dumb assholes! Your astronomical land prices is the main reason that drives people away from buying land. A normal game server costs 45$ a moth, a sim on second life costs 300$ a month, no one simply has or is willing to spend that kind of money, this is ridiculous. Sure if you lower your prices, you wont get any momentary gains from it, but if you learn to pull your stupid heads out of your asses and look forward, you are going to make so much more money in the long run if everyone will be able to afford a sim of their own! Its better to have 100 paying costumers that pay you 45$ per month than just 1 paying costumer that is paying his last 300$ this month before he gets fed up with your stupid shit and just leaves the game.

Well anyway, i never ever bother clicking on random off topic ads in websites so i do not need to see them, i have found a way to kill the ads without breaking the website and i will keep it that way for now till LL gets their shit together, integrate the adds into their website better without breaking the design and make second life users be able to advertise their products in those ads, making them relevant to me, than i will stop blocking them.

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12 Responses to – Ads on SL and second life premium –

  1. Masato Anabuki says:

    Wow, that is terrible. Out of curiousity, what was your work around? Individually disabling objects with noscript?

    • naw i was too lazy for that, i just made it block everything on the site that isn’t from secondlife.com, also looks like other people don’t need to do this because for them adblock doesn’t make the whole page go blank, i gotta figure out why mine is doing it

      • Masato Anabuki says:

        Mine does it, and I went the noscript route. Maybe the chrome version of adblock doesn’t have that issue, or something?

  2. Mallyware says:

    hmmmm..there are no ads on my account page

  3. CS says:

    There is a bug in the Chrome version of adblock that can cause blank pages on SL. Go to chrome://extensions/ .. Click the Options link under the Adblock Plus section, and turn off “Allow some non-intrusive advertising” in there.

  4. Monty says:

    Please do not check “Allow some non-intrusive advertising”, this voids your privacy and gives ABP the right to allow advertisements from corporations that have paid them money in exchange to be white-listed. All new ABP installs would have this checked by default. Look up the recent Slashdot article on this, and Google’s deal with ABP (bascially Google is paying ABP to allow their advertisement through). BTW: The SL adverts are also Google ads.

  5. Charlotte says:

    I totally agree with on the Tier comments, Uti – there are some smart people in SL *wink* who realize that selling a desirable item for L$300 instead of asking L$30,000 will sell a crap-ton more of them.

    And yeah, the ads are lame.

  6. Madeline Blackbart says:

    Yeah IMO premium should not have to see those ads. I can understand free accounts as you can’t garuntee an income from them but you can with the paid accounts so there no reason to be greedy and double profit off them in a way that will piss them off.

    As for benifits to premium. there’s only two sorta ridiculously crappy benifits. One is “owning” land. Another is that if there’s a database error on there end they won’t fix it for you unless your paid. Literally the SHITTIEST move they can pull as it’s something the user can control but can ruin the players SL experience. IMO even none paying members should be able to get database errors fixed for them FOR FREE. I somehow mysteriousally gained TWO trash cans for instance (a database error) on of which I could not empty. I spent like 2 years trying to delete things by dragging from one trash to the other some of it could not be deleted (namely outfits) so I had a ton of outfits sitting in the extra trash can that I could not delete. I had to literally STOP saving and deleting saved outfits so I didn’t have a trash FILLED with things I couldn’t get rid of. Basically made the saving outfits feature useless to me. would they help me? Nope not unless I was premium. Also when ghosting was an issue that was another thing they wouldn’t help you with. So if you were unlucky and couldn’t get the land owner to restart sim (which I was fortunate in that regard) you would have to make a new account because your avie would be stuck there basically permanantly. Kinda a shitty move on LL part as some people put a lot of money on there account and spend a ton even if they don’t have premium and shouldn’t be FORCED to buy premium to fix something that is LL crap database’s issue to began with.

    Ah sorry ranting here. -_-;

  7. Diz says:

    My aunt worked for the the billing company that cleaned up their billing system back in 2006-08. When she found out I played she had me go in to some meeting with them and show her boss how SL was used etc. While there I heard a lot about the stupidity of LL, they lost a LOT of money back then which rose prices on things but even after things were smoothed out they’re still raising prices…

  8. Fujin Blackheart says:

    So amen to that post i had the same problem and when i used IE i was like WTF to see they cluttered ads all over the place. And really the assholes should really finally reconsider how much they take for mainland tier and sims in general cut the price be 50% and they would have at least 300% more customers in the end. Also considering they throw 8 sims on a single poor server, so yeah you pay more for less already… And premium account seriously dont get me started, shitty Linden Homes ? owneing rediclues overpriced mainland with zero customer service ? a even shittier 300 LS stipend per week ? My original account that i lost due LL failure to repair a few simple MYSQL entries still got 500 LS greedy suckers….

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