– Final CCD update and more third party stuff –

Kay so, i have updated the CCD and this will be the final update, since i found a way to overcome the 8 mesh face limit on the Avatar 2.0, you no longer need a special list of clothing that works with it, since most stuff will now work. Just be sure to try the demos first, i will also optimize the new hide areas a bit more later on, so CCD submissions are now closed.

And now, some more stuff by third party content creators.

I will begin with my personal favorite.

Some really nice Eyes for the M3 head (click the banner for more)


Red Rabbit

Eyes for M3 (Click the icon for more)


Eyes and other M3 mods (Click the banner for more)


M3 Skin mods (click banner for more)


Mods for Avatar 2.0 and M3 (click the banner for more, they got a skin mod that lets you use the snow rabbit mesh head with avatar 2.0)


Eyebrows for M3 (click the banner to see other stuff they have)


Mesh body and M3 head combination mods (click banner for more)


Rei’s Stuff

random mods for random utilizator products, go here for more.



LL avatar alphas for the Anubis armor by Viri’s little shop. For If you ever wanted to use the armor with your LL body.

Well that’s it for now.



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