– More third party stuff and some other things –

Okay so you all might be wondering wtf am i doing all this time and where are your rikugou temjin and flat 2.0 and all that other good stuff. Well probably not too soon, there’s some RL stuff that’s eating away all my attention and my computer broke so decided to upgrade it a bit, so im waiting for the new parts to arrive before i can resume any work(it was supposed to get everything today but fuckers gave me the wrong motherboard so now i have to wait another week till they get the right one). Once i have my new computer, i will continue working on the new armor for rikugou.

That being said, i also have some responsibilities that i kept ignoring for long enough, like giving a shout outs to third party developers and updating the CCD. So here goes.

*R* Mesh TShirt for the v2.0 avatar

Darkstar Dynamics

Avatar 2.0 and M3 skin mods by


Click the store banner for more.


Operator Symbol

More Avatar 2.0, M3 and Rikugou mods.

Click the banner to see more stuff.



M3 head mods

Visit her store page for more https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/147615

Gonna add more stuff later, now i have to review and post a ton of CCD submissions that have piled up over the months.


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