– New stuff, sorta –


Okay so here’s some new but not really new stuff. These are just some of the Misc things i have been planing to do since forever.

– Anime classroom – Mesh conversion –

Since the old classroom was so prim heavy, it was only really good for taking screenshots but not any actual practical use. Redoing it in mesh allowed me to optimize it and drop the land impact to just 5 (the old one was 58 prims). Everything now is low on polygons and shares just a few textures so you don’t have to load 876538265875 textures and strain your computer rendering all that, did i mention low land impact?.


– D2 Skirt – Mesh version –

Bringing back the D2 skirts, now made in mesh!


– Shorts – open + closed –

Updated the shorts to work with the pantyhose and finally made that closed version too. Everything now comes as one item with a texture change menu, you can also choose what panties you want (or no panties). This pack also comes with an update card for any future bug fixes and compatible versions with any other mesh bodies i will make in the future.

When i announced this in the update group, i got some negative reaction from a few people so, To clear up some misunderstanding, if you already bought the shorts before this re-release, you are not entitled to a free update, you didn’t pay for the closed shorts and i will not personally unpack and hand you just the open shorts, there is no possible way for me to update 89538375678 people and i wont be doing it by hand because i have better things to do (like finishing the damn Temjin armor and start working on the next update for the avatar 2.0 already)

If you don’t feel like “buying the same thing over again”, YOU DON’T HAVE TO!, don’t complain. Only buy it if you want the closed shorts, texture change menu with the ability to change the panties, free bug fixes or a compatible version of the shorts with whatever future body or avatar i might release, otherwise there is no need for you to buy it at this point and you would still need to spend that 100L for the closed version if i would to sell it separately.


– Sleeveless hoodies – male version –

And i finally got around uploading and packing all these hoodies.

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2 Responses to – New stuff, sorta –

  1. Creve Coeur says:

    Very Nice! Thank you. Glad I can have shorts that button now. :P

  2. Madeline Blackbart says:

    Pfft I did buy those shorts before they came with the closed version. Bought them again to after with the closed shorts. They were cheap to began with anyway. most mesh clothing are twise the price. Anyway with the third party mod script (sold right below the store) to make the shorts open and close there freaking awesome. So much fun ^_^

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