– New stuff and updates –

Heres some new stuff to ease the wait for other new stuff, the Girl toys play set Volume 01 for Avatar 2.0.

And heres some Kawaii~ gold and diamond grills for the M3 anime head.

We have also made a bunch of bug fixes.

Fixed – M3 head bug that broke voice and text chat mouth animation when the emotes checkbox was enabled

Fixed – A bug with the left arrow attack in the Anubis double sword that killed the user

Improvement – The damage prim rez distance on the Anubis double sword was increased to 0.500 (was 0.00) to remove any potential accidental suicide while using the sword.

Fixed – The no texture found error in the Avatar 2.0 nipple addon. (gotta come down to the shop to pick up a new free copy)

How to update:

Rez the included update card on the ground and WAIT!, if nothing happens in 10 minutes or you only get a notecard and no update, take the card back and dont do anything, give it some time, the update server is a piece of shit and it ate your update but it thinks it has updated you, so it wont respond to repeated update requests for some time, if you spam it with requests it will block you for 24 hours.

– Rikugou Customization Contest –

The contest is coming to an end and i have done some preliminary judging and picked out 11 contenders that have done a competent enough job and i will further compare them side by side to determine the winners and stuff.(Hiyori you are included but im still waiting on your final thing)

But heres the thing, theres only 3 places but theres more than 3 mods that i feel deserve something for their efforts and it would pain me a lot to not reward them. So here’s how this is going to go down, 3 people will win the third place, 2 people will win the second place, and one person will win the first place.

– Zombie Survival Halloween event thing –


Im starting this experimental zombie survival thing at AMH fom now till halloween and maybe a few days after. The zombies will lag the shit out of the sim so expect to walk in slow motion during those days. You will see the teleporter to the zombie survival area at the destination guide near the landing zone.

How to play:

Wear the zombie survival HUD accept the request dialog box, step through the safehouse door to start the game.
A zombie bite will take away a significant chunk of your health and will start the zombie infection that slowly eats away the rest of your health, each additional bite will take away more health and speed up the rate of infection. If you die, you get taken back to the mall, click the remaining health bar on the HUD to restart and try again.

The goal of the game is to push through the hordes of lag inducing zombies and reach the end of the map alive where you will find the antidote that stops the infection from spreading any further. No weapons are needed to play, you just have to bait the zombies to get out of the way and than run like hell to get past them.

Have fun!

– Crazy Market –

I was dicking around in the appstore on my PS vita and i noticed this gem in the suggestions bar thing at the top.


Crazy market is a Free to play game where you play as a cashier at some shitty supermarket and you have to scan bar codes and enter them manually and deal with all sorts of unexpected situations like someones baby on the conveyer belt. You level up and get all sorts of useful power ups and special moves that you can use to help you deal with unexpected situations. This game is my new tetris cuz its a fun time killer if youre bored or waiting for something.

The only thing that is a bit annoying in this game is the free to pay (yes i ment to say pay) element, your character gets tired working pretty fast and you need to drink coffee to extend your work hours or you have to take a 24 real world minute break, and this combined with how addictive the game is, can be a real torture. You get coffee by doing great on missions or leveling up, you can also buy coffee from the in game store with the game money but you do not make enough money to buy enough coffee to play for long, you spend more than you make and in the end you still have to wait 24 minutes :/ OR you can buy coffee or in game currency with real money, and the prices are a bit much D:

But anyway i still recommend this game, its a fun idea and i would never even think someone would make a game about this.

Edit : I found it in the android app store too, im downloading it now so i could continue playing on my phone after i run out of coffee on my vita till 24 minutes passes :D.

– Contest information and armor kits –


Temjin and Strike are fully finished and scripted and are being packed so i can now finally announce the date of the contest end.

So, everyone who is still working on your mods and haven’t submitted them yet, TWERK those robot buns faster cuz the contest ends on November1 and on November 02 2PM SLT/PDT we will have the in game even for announcing winners and giving prizes. If you wont be able to show up for any reason and you happens to be the winner, your mod pictures will be shown instead and your prize will be sent to you offline.

– More headgear –

Was bored so i made some more headgear.




– The Rikugou custumization contest –


The strike is now being scripted and i think its about time to start the contest.

– Rules –

The main rule is that your avatar has to be mostly Rikugou, like you can use any head or hair you want and you can use attachments made by other people (or your own) but most of your avatar has to be Rikugou.
The customization has to be made by you, that means you cant pay someone else to do it for you or buy something on the marketplace, you can buy minor mods of the marketplace like certain eyes for your head and stuff, but no major makeovers.
if you want, you can make more than one customization, just dont go overboard with it, i think 3 max would be fine.

– What will be judged –

Altho original ideas are important, they often fall short in my eyes if those ideas where not presented in an esthetic and visually appealing manner (for example, looks like its drawn in ms paint by a 5 year old). I value texture work in an external image editor over a lazy prim color edit ingame, solid mesh or sculpted prim attachments with textures made specifically for those items over a pile of linked prims with no texture or a random inventory or google image plastered all over it, Creative design and contrast of colors that work well together and make an interesting combination over boring safe monotone designs or a rainbow puke of random colors that fight each other.
Bonus points if you did some other texture work apart from just changing their colors, like adding stripes or some other markings or maybe adding a subtle camo (that doesnt kill off the original texture detail) or some sort of a pattern like hexagons or carbon fiber in certain places.

– How and when –

Since a lot of people would like to participate but they cant come on a certain date or time because of RL stuff or timezones, we are going to do it like this. Instead of having a big event ingame, There will be a time period (starting from now) where everyone who wants to participate will show me their customizations, when the time ends, i will than make an ingame event where i will announce the winners and give prizes and stuff, that way, if you won but coulnt attend the ceremony, you will be introduced and have a picture of your mod shown to the crowd by me, and get your prize sent to you offline, winners will also be announced here on the blog.

If you wanna show me your Rikugou, dont send or ask for a TP, i dont have time to attend to everyone, just take a bunch of different screenshots from all angles and show off the detail that you are proud of the most, put the images or links to the images in a notecard and send it my way. Also add – RCC – to the beginning of the name of your notecard so that i would know what its about right away.


The prizes are :

Third place – The Temjin pack
Second place – The Strike pack
First place – Iits a secret :O

So thats it, now get to work and make me proud!

– WIP – Strike armor –

Im modeling, texturing, rigging and uploading the strike armor, now all thats left is to make animations and script it.








This isnt an official start but, it would be a good idea if everyone who wnats to participate in the Rikugou contest, would start working on their avatars, if you dont have a good one already that you are confident it will win.

I will give the official start and more details like what the rules are and how i will rate it and when will this all take place, once i have finished all the animations and stuff.