– The Rikugou custumization contest –


The strike is now being scripted and i think its about time to start the contest.

– Rules –

The main rule is that your avatar has to be mostly Rikugou, like you can use any head or hair you want and you can use attachments made by other people (or your own) but most of your avatar has to be Rikugou.
The customization has to be made by you, that means you cant pay someone else to do it for you or buy something on the marketplace, you can buy minor mods of the marketplace like certain eyes for your head and stuff, but no major makeovers.
if you want, you can make more than one customization, just dont go overboard with it, i think 3 max would be fine.

– What will be judged –

Altho original ideas are important, they often fall short in my eyes if those ideas where not presented in an esthetic and visually appealing manner (for example, looks like its drawn in ms paint by a 5 year old). I value texture work in an external image editor over a lazy prim color edit ingame, solid mesh or sculpted prim attachments with textures made specifically for those items over a pile of linked prims with no texture or a random inventory or google image plastered all over it, Creative design and contrast of colors that work well together and make an interesting combination over boring safe monotone designs or a rainbow puke of random colors that fight each other.
Bonus points if you did some other texture work apart from just changing their colors, like adding stripes or some other markings or maybe adding a subtle camo (that doesnt kill off the original texture detail) or some sort of a pattern like hexagons or carbon fiber in certain places.

– How and when –

Since a lot of people would like to participate but they cant come on a certain date or time because of RL stuff or timezones, we are going to do it like this. Instead of having a big event ingame, There will be a time period (starting from now) where everyone who wants to participate will show me their customizations, when the time ends, i will than make an ingame event where i will announce the winners and give prizes and stuff, that way, if you won but coulnt attend the ceremony, you will be introduced and have a picture of your mod shown to the crowd by me, and get your prize sent to you offline, winners will also be announced here on the blog.

If you wanna show me your Rikugou, dont send or ask for a TP, i dont have time to attend to everyone, just take a bunch of different screenshots from all angles and show off the detail that you are proud of the most, put the images or links to the images in a notecard and send it my way. Also add – RCC – to the beginning of the name of your notecard so that i would know what its about right away.


The prizes are :

Third place – The Temjin pack
Second place – The Strike pack
First place – Iits a secret :O

So thats it, now get to work and make me proud!


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14 Responses to – The Rikugou custumization contest –

  1. karakurichan says:

    My body is ready >:3

  2. karakurichan says:

    What will be the start and end date for the contest? I won’t be able to get on SL again till next week:<

  3. karakurichan says:

    Oh I know when ti starts, I want to know when it ends;3 I just wanted the time frame for it.

  4. yes i'm retard says:

    what will be the first place robot?

  5. Sierra Continello says:

    wondering if… and item is discontinued (meaning that the guy who made said item doesnt want anything to do with it anymore) can be used?

  6. soyokaze14 says:

    hmm, send the pics in an e-mail or in-SL mail?

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