– More headgear –

Was bored so i made some more headgear.





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21 Responses to – More headgear –

  1. Denfen says:

    I love them! When could we possibly expect these and the pigtails out? So going to get all of it! =D

  2. woop woop says:

    first look really stupid but the second one is awesome

  3. karakurichan says:

    So Awesome I love them!

  4. Sierra Continello says:

    Nice stuff, would go nice with some of the armor pieces i’ve been picking up for Riku

  5. Matteste Elton says:

    It looks like you have the same pastime as me. When bored, create stuff.

  6. God… I want bunny radar ears.

  7. valkyrieice says:

    Nice. And another question. Any possibility of a Chachamaru Karakuri mod?

  8. Rei says:

    oh no i so love this ear xD
    hope i can get my idea and finish my mod before deadline /口\

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