– Contest information and armor kits –


Temjin and Strike are fully finished and scripted and are being packed so i can now finally announce the date of the contest end.

So, everyone who is still working on your mods and haven’t submitted them yet, TWERK those robot buns faster cuz the contest ends on November1 and on November 02 2PM SLT/PDT we will have the in game even for announcing winners and giving prizes. If you wont be able to show up for any reason and you happens to be the winner, your mod pictures will be shown instead and your prize will be sent to you offline.


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4 Responses to – Contest information and armor kits –

  1. woop woop woop i got my men boobs says:

    money ready bring the addons mother yacker :D

  2. Denfen says:

    Soon as I saw this I thought

    ‘Oh god not in the face!’ xD

  3. karakurichan says:

    Wow I love that hair!

  4. Motoko Henusaki says:

    The extra headgear and hair options may, for me, be the most immediately awesome parts about what are looking from the pics to be totally awesome armor kits. I am already thinking up novel combinations of parts. :-)

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