– Crazy Market –

I was dicking around in the appstore on my PS vita and i noticed this gem in the suggestions bar thing at the top.


Crazy market is a Free to play game where you play as a cashier at some shitty supermarket and you have to scan bar codes and enter them manually and deal with all sorts of unexpected situations like someones baby on the conveyer belt. You level up and get all sorts of useful power ups and special moves that you can use to help you deal with unexpected situations. This game is my new tetris cuz its a fun time killer if youre bored or waiting for something.

The only thing that is a bit annoying in this game is the free to pay (yes i ment to say pay) element, your character gets tired working pretty fast and you need to drink coffee to extend your work hours or you have to take a 24 real world minute break, and this combined with how addictive the game is, can be a real torture. You get coffee by doing great on missions or leveling up, you can also buy coffee from the in game store with the game money but you do not make enough money to buy enough coffee to play for long, you spend more than you make and in the end you still have to wait 24 minutes :/ OR you can buy coffee or in game currency with real money, and the prices are a bit much D:

But anyway i still recommend this game, its a fun idea and i would never even think someone would make a game about this.

Edit : I found it in the android app store too, im downloading it now so i could continue playing on my phone after i run out of coffee on my vita till 24 minutes passes :D.


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5 Responses to – Crazy Market –

  1. woop woop woop i got my men boobs says:

    i always know your pedo and stuff but woot ps vita really? even nintendo 64 have better quality games then that shit -_-

  2. Motoko Henusaki says:

    That is disturbingly awesome.

  3. woop woop woop i got my men boobs says:

    whats taking sooooo long D: don’t tell me you will release the stuff after the contest end i can’t wait so long for it

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