– Zombie Survival Halloween event thing –


Im starting this experimental zombie survival thing at AMH fom now till halloween and maybe a few days after. The zombies will lag the shit out of the sim so expect to walk in slow motion during those days. You will see the teleporter to the zombie survival area at the destination guide near the landing zone.

How to play:

Wear the zombie survival HUD accept the request dialog box, step through the safehouse door to start the game.
A zombie bite will take away a significant chunk of your health and will start the zombie infection that slowly eats away the rest of your health, each additional bite will take away more health and speed up the rate of infection. If you die, you get taken back to the mall, click the remaining health bar on the HUD to restart and try again.

The goal of the game is to push through the hordes of lag inducing zombies and reach the end of the map alive where you will find the antidote that stops the infection from spreading any further. No weapons are needed to play, you just have to bait the zombies to get out of the way and than run like hell to get past them.

Have fun!


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8 Responses to – Zombie Survival Halloween event thing –

  1. woop woop woop i got my men boobs says:

    i’m way to lazy to log in righ now so does it worth logging in? i mean is there some reward waiting for me when i win this zombie stuff?

  2. Motoko Henusaki says:

    Neat. I was wondering what that oil rig kinda thing was. XD

  3. ruri silversmith says:

    How do you do this? Where do I get the hud from and where is he safe house?

  4. woop woop woop i got my men boobs says:

    someone posted it in group :o :o :o
    awesome i tought addons will cost more!!! cool money ready mother fucker release it already or i will come to you and do bad things ._.

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