– Pacific rim sucks and heres why –


Did i even see the same movie that everyone else saw?

Just like everyone else, i was really hyped about this movie, and when i was finally sitting there in the theater, watching them prepare the big ass robot and than the robot walking out of the hangar, with the epic music playing. It was so hard to hold all those feels and emotions and tears of joy, i couldnt believe what a masterpiece of a movie im watching, i coudnt believe this is real, that they would make a movie like this. It was something i always just dreamed they would make, and now that dream became a reality? Nope. As soon as he walks out of that hanger, he gets his ass handed to him and one of the dudes die and stuff. I thought well, okay i see where they are going with this, the hero has lost this battle but not the war, hes going to get back up on his feet, stronger than ever and all the amazing ass kicking will begin, this defeat serves as a plot tool to show the massive ass kicking later right? Well as i continue to watch it, the movie starts becoming more bleh, they start introducing these flat boring generic cartoony characters and establishing all the retarded plot elements that make no sense, like why they need 2 people to pilot the robot and stuff. The whole plot is terrible, all the reasons for doing things are fucking stupid, the terrible fake foreign accents, the whole environment with no clear visual direction. But i was still hoping this movie will be good when they start fighting right? they have built up all these characters and introduced the robots they are piloting and now they are going to finally kick some monster ass? nope! No one kicked any ass, everyone got their asses kicked and fucking ripped apart, some of the characters/robots didnt even have a fair chance to do anything significant, all the character building was just such a waste for nothing. The whole plot is so terribly thought out, like, we have this giant powerful sword, but we will not use it till the very end? they mind-meld and supposed to share all the memories and everything and know everything the other person knows but yet he didnt know about the fucking sword? and if they had such technology from the very first start, why didnt they use it? they could have just sliced all those monsters in half and none of the pilots would have died, its just fucking stupid.

Anyway, the whole movie was about the good guys getting their asses kicked and being all emotional, they never stood a chance against the enemy and they only won cuz they cheated at the end by self destructing their last robot in the enemy base. The whole movie felt like an inconsistenmt jubmled mess of random ideas borrowed from random shitty anime, taking random ideas out of their context and trying to incorporate them into the movie. They made it not because someone had a clear vision and wanted to express his vision, but because “hey anime is cool, people like that shit, lets just mindlessly copy japanese culture and make a stupid movie about big robots fighting monsters from godzilla and sell it to fat weeaboo neckbeards, they will love this shit”, they even admit it in the interview video.

On top of it all, not only is it being overhyped, the movie is also being compared to transformers, saying how somehow better it is than transformer and how transformers is just a mindless action movieand the sotry is so simple and primitive? Well isnt pacific rim guilty of all the same shit and more? its also a stupid action movie, there no depth to it, the story is simple, there’s lots of pretty CG and big robots. And you know, at lest transformers movies where consistent, they where polished and had a clear direction, and i even prefer the stupid teenage drama bullcrap in transformers over the painful to watch character interactions in pacific rim.

Oh and the trailers for pacific rim showcased Glados from portal and gave me the impression that she is going to be a big part in the movie, but it wasnt like that at all, i only heard her say 2 or 3 words in the entire movie so that was a disappointment too.

– Google, the cancer of the internet –


Back in the day, google used to be something that is in touch with what the people like you and me really need, they where the visionaries and innovators and always on top of things. But all that has started to slowly change when Google was bought by that whatever its name larger company that now runs it. The first fail was the google laptop that couldnt do anything other than google search the internet. Than the internet censorship began and google started blocking websites that random entities with money and influence didnt want you to see. from the day google got acquired by that large soulless company, i felt this worry that it will all go to shit somehow, and i was right. Like cancer google was spreading, its tendrils penetrating every aspect of the internet till it became an inseparable part of your online life. Your search engine, your web browser, your email service, your chat, your phone number, your smartphone, your contacts, every website you visit in form of google adds, and finaly the tendrils reached one of the internet’s vital organs, youtube.
The more google integrated into our online experience, the less personal, our personal life has become. google knew everything about us, our search preferences, our contacts, the contents of our mail. It held our privacy in its hands. And once its got everything from you, it changed its policies, and shared your personal information with third parties.
google is no longer about you, your interest and your convenience, it is no longer about your privacy, it is all about the profit it can gain from exploiting you.

And now they are holding youtube hostage in exchange for the last remaining bit of your social private life left.

Google is the new EA, they see something that is nice and popular, they buy it and screw it up,  change everything that made it good, and not paying attention to what the people want, like youtube.

Their latest move to make people use google+

google+ sucked ass and no one wanted to use it, so they forced it down our throats anyway, at first they annoyed us with constant reminders that we should use our real names for our youtube channels, despite us constantly clicking no, and than the google+ comments shit.

Im going to let these videos explain what is going on.



I am no longer able to reply to comments on my videos, i am not able to comment on other videos, i will not updgrade my account to google+, they can go fuck themselves, i never used social networking and i do not intend to start using it. I will still be using youtube to upload my video tutorials, but disable comments and link viewers to the comment sections of those tutorials posted on this blog in case they wanna comment and stuff, but all my future more serious video animation projects will be uploaded to vimeo, im also switching from google search to yahoo search and rooting my android phone or getting a microsoft phone or some shit. Thank god i kept resisting all that other bullshit google tried to sell me for all these years, never used gmail or gchat or any of that crap and im glad i didnt.

This was rant 1 of 3, the next 2 will be about how IW killed call of duty and why pacific rim was a shitty ass movie.

– Bug fixes –

There was a bug with the Temjin B beam riffle’s wave attack that makes it drop and roll around on the ground like a banana. Only one person ever reported this but on further investigation i have concluded that everyone has to have this bug, strangely enough no one else ever reported it even when i asked openly in the update and rikugou groups D:

Anyway the bug was that the prim contents of the wave attack prim simply magically disappeared for the next owner of the riffle (person who bought it) making it loose its special properties and just act like a random physical temp rez prim. I have created a new wave B and updated the gun, rez your update cards to get the new version.

Also updated the strike armor’s bonus item box, the white bump texture was missing.

And finally if anyone is wondering, im now slowly working on the boob size options for avatar 2.0, it will be slow cuz im also in a process of moving to a new place and some other rl stuff but i hope i will be done with it this year.

– Texture editing/recoloring –

Before we begin, i need to familiarize you with a few concepts.

– What is color? –

Light is made out of a type of electrons called the photons, all electromagnetic radiation travles in waves and have different wavelengths, the wave length in the case of light, defines its color.
Different object surfaces have different resistance to different color photons, some photons go right through into the object, others get bounced back, the color that bounces off the object is the color we see with our eyes. for Example, tomatoes arent really red, they just deflect red light.
A white object deflects all light equally, a black object absorbs all light.
Long story short, the color of the photons deflected from the object surface is the color we perceive the object to have

– What is ambiance? –

ambiance/radiosity is the illumination created by light reflected of object surfaces, if lets say you have a white ball in a room that has a red wall in it, the side of the ball facing the red wall will be slightly red too because of the red photons bouncing of the red wall
heres an example http://androidarts.com/tuts/radiosity.jpg
heres another simple example http://www.fxguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Cornell_Box_Vray.jpg
notice the green and red and white reflections on the blue object and white walls, also the blue reflection on the ceiling

– So, now how does this apply to texture moding? –

In order for your textures not to look grey and dull, you need to apply the same principals of ambiance and all that stuff to them.
Heres and example, the boring skintone thing has the same dusty grey shading that should be avoided,  http://androidarts.com/tuts/middle.jpg it looks the same as if it was a build menu recolor.

– If its too much to swallow, simplified trick –

You need a tone theme, an overall consistent tone of ambiance through out all your colors
You can either be stylistic and pick a specific color for your ambiance or use the most common everyday ambiance that you would have on SL if lighting in it worked like in real life. Basically that would be half sky blue and half green/brown ground sort of ambiance i guess. Or if that is too complicated, just pic any color really, it just has to be similar but a bit different, like if you have blue, pic a different and slightly purple tone of blue.

– so assuming you picked your ambiance, heres a few methods you can use to apply it to your textures. –

This will be the shadow layer.


And this will be your Color layer under the shadow layer.


you need to find a tool or a filter in photoshop or whatever program you are using, that lets you select a color in the shadow layer image and turn it into a gradient alpha, kinda similar to how you would remove green background using chroma keying in photoshop only it turns the entire green channel into alpha. If you are unable to find it, plan B would be set the layer to multiply mode


And this is what you should get

Now you need to find the RGB or the levels filter thing and turn that layer into the color you want your ambiance to have

color balance



And you get this.


Now everything is colored in the same tone but it might not look too good one some of the colors you might have so heres where the magic wand selection tool comes into play.


You can select the colors/areas you wanna fine tune and play some more with the RGB levels  (do so by selecting them on the color layer and than switch to the shadow layer and edit it)



And youre done.


Now i realize that the example image i made isnt clear enough to actually see the differences so heres some more examples.

On the left you have a typical boring recolor that uses the same color and the same tone for its shadows only different brightness level. And on the right side you have shading using the method i described above


Lets say you want a nice light blue, heres what you get if you just change the prim color or try to recolor the texture the usual way.


Lets fix this using this ambiance colored shadow method.


Oh and heres one more trick you can do, take another copy of the shadow texture and this time isolate all the speculars and stuff using the levels filter


And put this on top of your texture using either the addition/additive layer mode or also use color to alpha to turn all the black color into alpha if you dont have such a mode or it works differently than what i have in my examples. Play around with its color levels as well and you should get this.

Oh and btw, one common mistake people do on SL is use too much white and especially too much black. you shouldnt use a pure black color for your black parts or the detail will disappear in the blackness. You need to pick a really dark grey sort of colorish tone for your  black parts, and really light cream or blueish color for your white

Like in this image, white isnt really white and black isnt really black if you take them out of context and compaired to actual white and actual black colors.


Well thats it, i hope this isnt too confusing, i will need to probably sit down and reorganize this totorial a bit to make it more simple.

– Contest over –


So, the contest and the ingame event is over and and here are the winners.

Fisrt place


Second place


Third place


Congratulations to the winners and everyone else who participated and thanks to all who came to the event.

Edit: heres some more pics of the winners in case anyone wants a closer look.






And here’s some pics of the first place prize:


And so, i can finally release this stuff.

All is done, now i can sit back and take a break cuz the new call of duty season is starting in 3 days :3