– Bug fixes –

There was a bug with the Temjin B beam riffle’s wave attack that makes it drop and roll around on the ground like a banana. Only one person ever reported this but on further investigation i have concluded that everyone has to have this bug, strangely enough no one else ever reported it even when i asked openly in the update and rikugou groups D:

Anyway the bug was that the prim contents of the wave attack prim simply magically disappeared for the next owner of the riffle (person who bought it) making it loose its special properties and just act like a random physical temp rez prim. I have created a new wave B and updated the gun, rez your update cards to get the new version.

Also updated the strike armor’s bonus item box, the white bump texture was missing.

And finally if anyone is wondering, im now slowly working on the boob size options for avatar 2.0, it will be slow cuz im also in a process of moving to a new place and some other rl stuff but i hope i will be done with it this year.


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5 Responses to – Bug fixes –

  1. The Huldschinsky says:

    Yippie, the Boob update will be here…. someday….

  2. karakurichan says:

    I swear I told you about this befor, also i don’t remember seeing you ask that in the group then again i am rarely on>3<

  3. Strange Spellhunter says:

    I have the head and since I got it about a month ago the eyes have been messing up, one will be textured with a pupil and the other not, it switches between the two. Also im having trouble with the neck being too dark. Can somebody help me.

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