– Pacific rim sucks and heres why –


Did i even see the same movie that everyone else saw?

Just like everyone else, i was really hyped about this movie, and when i was finally sitting there in the theater, watching them prepare the big ass robot and than the robot walking out of the hangar, with the epic music playing. It was so hard to hold all those feels and emotions and tears of joy, i couldnt believe what a masterpiece of a movie im watching, i coudnt believe this is real, that they would make a movie like this. It was something i always just dreamed they would make, and now that dream became a reality? Nope. As soon as he walks out of that hanger, he gets his ass handed to him and one of the dudes die and stuff. I thought well, okay i see where they are going with this, the hero has lost this battle but not the war, hes going to get back up on his feet, stronger than ever and all the amazing ass kicking will begin, this defeat serves as a plot tool to show the massive ass kicking later right? Well as i continue to watch it, the movie starts becoming more bleh, they start introducing these flat boring generic cartoony characters and establishing all the retarded plot elements that make no sense, like why they need 2 people to pilot the robot and stuff. The whole plot is terrible, all the reasons for doing things are fucking stupid, the terrible fake foreign accents, the whole environment with no clear visual direction. But i was still hoping this movie will be good when they start fighting right? they have built up all these characters and introduced the robots they are piloting and now they are going to finally kick some monster ass? nope! No one kicked any ass, everyone got their asses kicked and fucking ripped apart, some of the characters/robots didnt even have a fair chance to do anything significant, all the character building was just such a waste for nothing. The whole plot is so terribly thought out, like, we have this giant powerful sword, but we will not use it till the very end? they mind-meld and supposed to share all the memories and everything and know everything the other person knows but yet he didnt know about the fucking sword? and if they had such technology from the very first start, why didnt they use it? they could have just sliced all those monsters in half and none of the pilots would have died, its just fucking stupid.

Anyway, the whole movie was about the good guys getting their asses kicked and being all emotional, they never stood a chance against the enemy and they only won cuz they cheated at the end by self destructing their last robot in the enemy base. The whole movie felt like an inconsistenmt jubmled mess of random ideas borrowed from random shitty anime, taking random ideas out of their context and trying to incorporate them into the movie. They made it not because someone had a clear vision and wanted to express his vision, but because “hey anime is cool, people like that shit, lets just mindlessly copy japanese culture and make a stupid movie about big robots fighting monsters from godzilla and sell it to fat weeaboo neckbeards, they will love this shit”, they even admit it in the interview video.

On top of it all, not only is it being overhyped, the movie is also being compared to transformers, saying how somehow better it is than transformer and how transformers is just a mindless action movieand the sotry is so simple and primitive? Well isnt pacific rim guilty of all the same shit and more? its also a stupid action movie, there no depth to it, the story is simple, there’s lots of pretty CG and big robots. And you know, at lest transformers movies where consistent, they where polished and had a clear direction, and i even prefer the stupid teenage drama bullcrap in transformers over the painful to watch character interactions in pacific rim.

Oh and the trailers for pacific rim showcased Glados from portal and gave me the impression that she is going to be a big part in the movie, but it wasnt like that at all, i only heard her say 2 or 3 words in the entire movie so that was a disappointment too.

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6 Responses to – Pacific rim sucks and heres why –

  1. woop woop woop.. says:

    lol yea with that sword maybe i was new function or something but alot movies have stuff like that i mean they use the best at the end look at iron man 3 tony stark spend all the movie repairing one fucking suit when he had like whole fucking army in his house thats the same he could use it at the start but that would be shit movie then

  2. woop woop woop.. says:

    okay now i see your rich bastard give me some steam game :D

  3. whosyourdaddywesterngirl says:

    The actors, the writing they all suck and so does the typical western man and asian lady couple… here’s why
    the animations would have been good only if they didnt make everything else fucking suck.

    so actually anything with the word rim like Sky rim or Pacific rim sucks lots of testicles nailed to the ground having cancer.

    so kaijus deserve to rape western men who think they can beat other kaijus and random japanese men. so typical isn’t it? good vs evil. asians are subservient to the western men isnt it?

    by the way awesome movie. yay! too bad what made it most awesome was how shitty it is.

  4. Savos Kasane says:

    I like how they said it on Cracked.

    “How the fuck did that premise get funding? I would love to have been in on that pitch meeting, which I’m picturing as something between a Motorhead show, Comic-Con, and a Japanese rave (but in all likelihood was just Guillermo del Toro showing a bunch of jaded Hollywood executives the first few episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion).”

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