– Boobs are done –

K everythings done and ready, rez your update cards and stuff. I have also updated the free nipples and nipple tapes to work with the new boobs. Bikini tops where updated too, rez your update cards for those.

I have also moved the release notes from the update server to the product boxes themselfs, hopefully this will reduce the number of “HALP! upade card no work D:”

Finally, the tank tops where updated and repackaged to work with the new boob sizes too, also they now have a left click texture change menu, one new texture and an update card. As it was with the closed shorts, you will need to buy this again, dont bug me with “i already bought this before D:” you dont have to buy it again if you dont want to, im not trying to resell you the same thing, you are paying for the extra work i put into this.

You will find everything in a box called – Experimental Boob Sizes -, More clothes will be updated later.

That is all, have fun with your boobs.

– Boobs –


So yeah, thats done (almost). I originally planned to make this an option in the HUD but sadly due to rigged mesh alpha cutting glitch, that would make the hidden boob sizes ruin all the clothes that have alpha textures on them, like the fishnet top or the default top that comes with the avatar, this option isnt possible. So what im going to do is make 4 different boob size bodies (they are all included withing the same one Avatar 2.0 package so no need to buy anything additional again).  And now while im writing this, i just came up with an idea for the next update, i could just go back to it being one body, but the boobs would be attachable, you choose witch size boobs you wanna wear.

Well anyway, the update should come out next week, there will also be an update for the bikini tops and a repackage version of the tank tops that will include these extra boob sizes, as well as a left click texture change menu with a bonus texture, and an update card for future updates. Other tops will follow later till i eventually make all my tops compatible with the new boob sizes.

I will also do some changes to the update server cuz im sick and tired of its bullshit.

– Metasequaia educational material dump –

Heres a bunch of stuff that might help you learn how to use Metasequoia

These are some old interface explanation sheets i once made for a friend who was getting into meta, these are old and outdated and lack some of the new features that later versions of meta have, but the majority of it is still the same.

UI  materialsandlayers  menus  mirroring

The ui.png is missing some of the new features and modes of operation, as well as doesnt explain some of the buttons. The materialsandlayers.png forgets to explain how you can group layers into groups and sub groups (kinda like a directory tree) using the arrow buttons and the triangle thing on each layer that can show or hide all the sub layers belonging to that layer. The mirroring.png warns about a symetry bug that has been long fixed.

Here’s some youtube videos.

This video shows the box modeling + subdivision method.

This video shows how you can use the paint tool in meta to help you with your texturing.

This is a tutorial about rigging avatars in blender but at the beginning it shows me making a simple demo avatar in met.

This video shows what most of the tools do.

Okay now these 2 tutorials are of another program but in part 2 of both of them i continue working in metasequoia.


Heres some more resources from other people.

This thread is full of useful links and videos for modeling anime characters and stuff like that.

This site has lots of useful metasequoia tutorials and videos, Click on the links in the menu on the left side of the page to see pages of different tutorials.