– Boobs –


So yeah, thats done (almost). I originally planned to make this an option in the HUD but sadly due to rigged mesh alpha cutting glitch, that would make the hidden boob sizes ruin all the clothes that have alpha textures on them, like the fishnet top or the default top that comes with the avatar, this option isnt possible. So what im going to do is make 4 different boob size bodies (they are all included withing the same one Avatar 2.0 package so no need to buy anything additional again).  And now while im writing this, i just came up with an idea for the next update, i could just go back to it being one body, but the boobs would be attachable, you choose witch size boobs you wanna wear.

Well anyway, the update should come out next week, there will also be an update for the bikini tops and a repackage version of the tank tops that will include these extra boob sizes, as well as a left click texture change menu with a bonus texture, and an update card for future updates. Other tops will follow later till i eventually make all my tops compatible with the new boob sizes.

I will also do some changes to the update server cuz im sick and tired of its bullshit.


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8 Responses to – Boobs –

  1. Reisen U. Inaba says:

    w00t. All your lolis are belong to us. \o/

  2. Matteste Elton says:

    Regarding the boobs you could do it like the *KaS* catsuit. It’s kinda similar to what you mentioned about having them as addon’s. But when one of the new breast sizes is put on, the base breast automatically hide. Quite a handy system.

  3. Curiene says:

    (does a happy dance)…YAY!! Lolas do not look right on this body so I am so happy these are coming out. I also like the idea of the interchangeable boobs for the next update. Thanks again for the hard work. Can not wait to see what you do next.

  4. rinoarives says:

    Quick question on the prospect of an update to the 2.0 dummy file? No rush, it’s just I’m finishing up a mesh outfit for the avatar now and it would save on trial & error fitting, (especially since in this case there is a LOT of mesh detail in that area).

  5. Rei says:

    wow!! this is good news XDDD
    will the body have a little belly with chubby thighs/butt ‘3’?!

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