– Boobs are done –

K everythings done and ready, rez your update cards and stuff. I have also updated the free nipples and nipple tapes to work with the new boobs. Bikini tops where updated too, rez your update cards for those.

I have also moved the release notes from the update server to the product boxes themselfs, hopefully this will reduce the number of “HALP! upade card no work D:”

Finally, the tank tops where updated and repackaged to work with the new boob sizes too, also they now have a left click texture change menu, one new texture and an update card. As it was with the closed shorts, you will need to buy this again, dont bug me with “i already bought this before D:” you dont have to buy it again if you dont want to, im not trying to resell you the same thing, you are paying for the extra work i put into this.

You will find everything in a box called – Experimental Boob Sizes -, More clothes will be updated later.

That is all, have fun with your boobs.

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18 Responses to – Boobs are done –

  1. Butterfly says:

    Great job on the new body meshes with the different boob sizes.

    I have noticed though that they are set to no-mod, is this intentional? Since I noticed an odd discoloration between the saturation of the face and the rest of the body, where the chest also has an odd specular highlight. Wanted to fix it myself, albeit the small boob mesh is no-mod and doesn’t have the original texture with it.

    Just wondering if this is intented, thank you.

  2. Konahri says:

    its modable. o .o

  3. Cylad says:

    Thank you Util. Great work as always. :)

  4. Nekotron says:

    Boobies \o/ Great job :D

  5. Yuki says:

    a version of – Classic Swimsuit ( for avatar 2.0 ) for small and flat boobs also?

  6. Akina says:

    Where are my Flat and Small mesh nipples!!!? >=)

  7. Masato Anabuki says:

    One more size between the largest and normal and one more size above the large would be nice to give a bit more of a gradiant of sizes, but overall it’s still a really great update. Also, I’m sure it’s a lot of work so I’m not begging for it or anything. Just saying it would be nice.

  8. Meow says:

    I’ll second that. Something between the normal size and gazongas would be neat if possible.

  9. Paula says:

    estimated time until dummy meshes are available? I’d like to be able to start working on clothes

  10. hungryJam says:

    Are you planning to make 2.0 avatar fitted mesh version?

  11. Rebecca Embers says:

    my only dislike is there is no nipples for flat and small >.> and some of us use skin with out nipples

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