– WIP – the utilizator furry avatar thing –

Okay so heres some more information about what exactly is this thing gonna be.

So as i mentioned before, all the furry avatar bodies i tried on SL have one big problem, very limited hide areas(or no areas you can hide at all) making it impossible to wear anything on them and very few clothing items made by the original creators of such bodies, So this is my attempt at fixing this problem. This is going to be a combination of both the Avatar 2.0 and the M3 head systems. You will be able to hide different areas of the body and customize it to the tiniest detail. It will also going to feature some of the new solutions to the problems that the Avatar 2.0 is facing now (these solutions will also be implemented into the avatar 2.0 after this furry avatar is finished) like asymmetrical texture support and texture appliers.

The body

If you own the Avatar 2.0 you pretty much know how this one is going to work too. Apart from that it will also have different kinds of legs you can choose from in the hud (normal human legs and furry legs)
In addition to clothes this avatar will come with, I will also make some of the Avatar 2.0 clothing compatible with this avatar from the very start and going to keep porting clothes over time.


The head

The head is going to use an improved M3 system, it will be able to close each eye separately and and it will not have the same solid eye problem on old ass discontinued v1 viewers like singularity (honestly, why the fuck are you people still using them?)

frl2Thats all i can think of for now, these images are of a very early production stage, the final product will look a lot different. I will post more work in progress pics when i make some progress.


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33 Responses to – WIP – the utilizator furry avatar thing –

  1. Aoi says:

    Its nice and all…but it doesnt look like a furry avatar to me at all. I buy ALOT of furry avies. what you got here is more like a neko girl or something. I know its a work in progress, but if your gonna make a Furry avatar…it should actually look like a furry avatar x3

  2. Yuki says:

    the hips of mesh body are so nice, seems a new mesh body ( many realistic ), I’m wondering if it’s possible a alpha hud that get visible LL head.

  3. Curiene says:

    I really like the look of this one. she does look like a cute little neko right now but I can imagine fur attachments that would give the body more of a furry look. This way you can choose whether to go full furry or stay with the base neko feel. Also, you get all your lovely alphas built in so no matter what you can wear way more mesh clothing than with other furry avatars. This one has a lot of potential. Can’t wait to see where you go with it. (waits for lindens to fly out of her virtual pocket)

  4. Nicholas says:

    Okay I really hope you keep that body shape cause dats a really sexy body shape :0

  5. karakurichan says:

    So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may have to get back on SL to see get it<3

  6. Yuki says:

    I tryed to leave head area alpha to show LL face but there is a space between chin and mesh neck. I noticed that superior chest area shows same glitches on collar of edelweiss blazer mesh and guess with sailor edelweiss mesh too.

  7. Rei says:

    wow!! japanese style furry here ! :D
    love it :3333
    can’t wait to mod it >:D

  8. I’d love to see stuff like muzzle length sizes too on this! Will it share UVs with 2.0 and M3 though?

  9. Anitya says:

    neatness and I am really looking forward to using this avatar! My cohort and I are already talking about skins for her.

    I do have a question … how flexible will the ears be? Will there be just one type that can be turned off or might you be planning an assortment of ears, either at the start or to follow after release? Will the base ears be animated?

    The same question goes for the tail too?

    • the head wont have ears, you will be able to use your own

    • as for animations, i dont know yet but i wanna make the tail animated at leest

      • Nicholas says:

        I can help animate the tail if you would like :0
        I basically developed a method for animating 5-40 tail segments at ~10-20 frames per second with a single script…

      • my tail will be one big and fluffy piece that is rigged and animated in blender than exported frame by frame and uploaded to sl and a script will hide and show frames to make an animation

      • Nicholas says:

        hng, but so many vertices x_X with a segmented tail you could technically change the animation to be a lot more dynamic, and the user could make choices about how it moves as well.

      • yeah i know, the ridiculous amount of polygons its going to use pains me too but thats the only way a tail like that can be done, the thing you are suggesting is cool technically but visually it looks kinda not very good, i have seen lots of these segmented tails and they all have either a terribly entialiased sharp needle polygon fur or each segment uses the same generic fur alpha texture that is fine for a realistic looking tai but that completely not the style im going for visually

      • nicholashylands says:

        hm. you don’t really have to do that. if you send me ur tail segmented I would do it for free eventually and then send it back and u can decide whether or not you like it ;P

      • can you even do it out of this? http://s23.postimg.org/73lhaxc9n/tail.png without making it look obviously segmented? the only way i see to hide the seams is giving each piece its own alpha texture but that would be impossible for me or anyone else to texture it later on and draw symbols or fur patterns or what not on it

      • nicholashylands says:

        hm. Good point. Idk, if it was segmented like a bunch of furry sections it would be neat, but oh well. With that tail design, I would agree with alpha stuff.

      • Motoko Henusaki says:

        Cosine interpolation between keyframes would look nice. Keyframing would allow anims to be stored in a compact way, and movement of duplicated mesh sections will always be cheaper render-wise than alpha trickery. And no, I don’t take commissions. Too much going on. :P

  10. Yuki says:

    what are new features for mesh body? it will be more compatible with SS size edelweiss mesh items ? vagina and hands will have functions ?

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