– WIP – Furry avatar texturing –

K well, most of of it is already finished (just need to make all the face expressions) and im now working on the textures that you will be able to select from the menu. I found a cool fur brush to make a fur pattern for it but now that i made it pink, the fur pattern can barely be seen so not much use of that :C


So the things left to do is texturing, rigging, eye and eyebrow textures, face expressions, different styles of teeth (pointy, normal, normal but with fangs), tail animation(probably) HUD graphics and all the scripting.

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35 Responses to – WIP – Furry avatar texturing –

  1. Yuki says:

    new texture skins for normal body also?

  2. Sarai Shadow says:

    Hopefully it will also have skin aswell

  3. Ink Blot says:

    Will this work with the new Fitted Mesh?

    • no, in order for the fitted mesh clothing to be able to work with this body, the body itself has to not be fitted mesh.

      • nicholashylands says:

        what about having a fitmesh version and a normal version? Say we found some clothing that fit both, but it was like undersized, or say we use clothing without fitmesh, and we want to resize the avatar to fit it?

  4. Leafy says:

    I love how it looks so far Uti! I was curious if you’re going to add boob size options, if ever?

      • Anitya says:

        *facepalms and laughs*

        I don’t mind the lack, as the avatar looks wonderful; it has a very Holo the Wise Wolf feel to her which I think is new, nice and unique.

        That said, I can already hear the screams of some of my less sophisticated compatriots, who have more … rounded tastes. Though I also admit I have never understood avatars that are obviously crafted by folks who have never had to wear a bra …

        However, perhaps (not being a mesh sculptor at all) if you do it as attachments (like you mentioned for the A2.0) it sounds like something easily added later?

  5. Rei says:

    this looks nice :D!!
    but i hope the body can be little bit more curvy ._. to me, furry can be a little bit more chubby’0′)..
    anyway, looking forward to it :)

    • Yuki says:

      I hope no!, I not like too many curvy, I like this body now ( my personal opinion )…

      • Rei says:

        >.< nevermind then….just share the feelings /w\…

      • WaffleBunny says:

        Uti gonna be selling my body as a furry body.. damn him >:(

      • Yuki says:

        I hope that furry are an option, the new mesh body will have normal legs :o

      • WaffleBunny says:

        From what he told me it will be..

      • Yuki says:

        for me furry legs are an option, I think that new mesh body will have human legs too. I like slender and flat that chubby and curvy ( my personal option ).

      • WaffleBunny says:

        It will have normal human legs and skin From what he told me.. could be wrong tho

      • Rei says:

        i can understand but i just hope it can be more plumpy ‘-‘) er..ok…i know it won’t /_\
        maybe my taste is just too far away with slender style XD||| hope i can use Utilizator body for modding to furry…in the future one day ‘-‘)

    • Yuki says:

      I’m not sure, however I think that mesh body will have different options of legs ( I presume ).

    • nicholashylands says:

      I’m sure if fitmesh is implemented while this is uploaded, then you’ll have no problem changing the shape of the avatar c:

  6. CookieChan says:

    I honestly think this is a wonderful idea!! And I love this furry design. I am not big on furrys but I would definitely use this. With this furry would we be able to change the Ears as well? or Tail? Like.. if we wanted it to be a Bunny Furry or a Kitty furry would we [In the future] be able to alternate those features by the HUD as well? If not just this avatar alone is pretty cool.

  7. karakurichan says:

    She doesn’t need a fur brush she is perfect and pink♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Paige says:


    PLEASE GET THIS OUT SOON! I so am loving this so far (and the body is gonna be awesome cause I can wear normal outfits without mega clipping)! Just out of curiosity, it’s gonna be modify on the skins like av 2.0 ya? I think it will be, but I am just double checking. I am like an eager beaver for this one X3

  9. Masato Anabuki says:

    You’ve said before that some of the new features would trickle down to the regular 2.0 AV. I’m curious though, is the head a separate piece? You explained before that it will be using an M3 like system for facial expressions and such. I’m wondering if that’s being implemented into a single body AV and that it will be portable over to the 2.0, or will it just be a separate head and the facial expressions and blinking still won’t be coming over to the 2.0 quite yet?

    • the head will be separate, the avatar 2.0 head will be separate too in the future when it gets expressions and stuff

      • Nyx says:

        *if the 2.0 gets expressions. it’s been Soon™ for so long i lost all hope and went back to LLface

      • Anitya says:

        Times like this I am always reminded of the classic movie “The Agony and the Ecstasy”. It’s about the painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, with Rex Harrison as the Pope and Charlton Heston as Michelangelo. No matter how many times the Pope asks this particular question, he always gets the same answer:

        Pope Julius II: When will you make an end?
        Michelangelo: When I am finished!

  10. XC says:

    Can I click my heels and say three times “come out soon pretty please”?

  11. karakurichan says:

    I am so excited! Do you have any more sneak peaks of her for us?

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