– Wacom Intous CTL review –


so like a few weeks ago i picked up the new wacom Intous tablet for dirt cheep, my friend was asking me what tablet should she get and she linked me a few one sand this one was only 70 euros and i couldnt resist not getting it, it looked really nice too and the main motivation for me to get it was that my old tablet is like about 10 years old already and it just looks just old and tired.

This Graphire 4 XL was my very first wacom tablet and the very best tablet i have ever had.


This tablet has went through a lot of usage, i have changes 2 pens and did a black makeover to fit in more with the rest of my devices, since black computes/keyboards and monitors were starting to become cool new trend, replacing the crappy cheep looking silver computers, that replaced the (good old white computers)




I was using it till this day and i have very fond memories of it and it does kinda make me sad having to put it away and replace it with the new one, but honestly it was long overdue, it looks like a stinky hobo tablet by now xD. And its not just overdue from a visual aesthetics stand point, but also its just big, thick and bulky and really cumbersome to bring it somewhere, or just putting it on the table and having to move the keyboard aside for it to fit.

hobo tablet



Allright so, lets get on with the review.

As expected from wacom, the packaging design is really nice, and the design of the tablet itself is really awesome too, it has this modern simplicity to it and this is what i like a lot about wacom products, that simplicity and being straight to the point. Also the blue fabric pen holder is such a nice touch.



Now heres the thing i didnt like about it right away, the surface. It has this weird rough grainy surface that is kinda unpleasant to draw on, it gives me the same kind of nasty feeling as that sound does when someone dragging his nails across a chalkboard. I guess i kinda see where they were going with this, i bet they wanted to give you that feel as if you are drawing on paper but, it didnt really work cuz plastic isnt paper, and drawing on such rough surface is probably as good of an idea as grinding the pen tip against sand paper. Not only would the tip wear off in no time, the tablet surface itself wont look too good after a while. It doesnt feel too nice to your hand either when you have contact with that kind of surface.

I fixed it by applying a thin transparent layer of plastic over the surface to make it smooth like my old tablet.


Moving on, the tablet has 4 buttons(gotta figure out what to do with the 2 extra buttons this gives me), but no scroller, ut i kinda dont really mind it since i never actually managed to get used to using the scroller on my old tablet anyway. Theres also an optional wireless module that you need to buy secretly, now this would be all cool but the damn thing literally costs more than the tablet itself xD, like what the actual fuck. Now for me there isnt much use to the wireless module, constantly having to charge the battery would just ad unnecessary hassle to it and it would still be hooked up on a cable, but i can see how its a cool idea for someone who needs to use his tablet on the go, since the tablet itself is very light, thin and compact, perfect for carrying in your laptop case.

One odd disappointment is that the other end of the pen doesnt erase like it does on all the other wacom tablets. (edit: the pen that comes with my particular version doesnt have the eraser capability)

Now as for the whole overall quality of the built, visually it looks nice, it doesnt look cheep, all the lines are solid. But holing it in your hands, it doesnt feel like it will last more than a year or two, it feels like it might come apart. Now my old tablet on the other hand, that motherfuker is built to last, its very solid and sturdy and it would probably last me another 10 years or more, they just made it too long lasting than it really needed to be, and now its like a dinosaur way out of its era.

Anyway, despite my personal issues with it, This tablet is definitely worth its price, and if you are a beginner and dont know what tablet you should get, look no further.

Now i just need to get used to the different active area dimensions, my hand still thinks its drawing on the old one and i tend to offshoot lines and stuff.


– Problem solved –

Good news, With the help of Riana Starspaw i have found a good workaround for the joint offset problem. Instead of mesh joint offsets, im going to use an animation that changes the joint position, this method is a lot more reliable then mesh joint offsets and isnt destructive to your shape, you can adjust and change your shapes and change avatars all you want and nothing breaks.

so yeah all thats left to do now is the scripting and fixing some bugs with the rigging of the clothes, heres a random wip picture to teas you more.


– Video games that do not suck –

Now days you hear a lot of people saying shit like “games are not like they used to be” “games were better back in the day” and all i can say to that is, no they were not. Get your heads out of your asses and get over you stupid nostalgic first impressions and realize that the only reason those games left such a deep impression on you is because you havent played many games yet and you didnt know any better. The only thing that has really changed is you. If i had a time machine and went back to the time you were still a kid, playing his first videogames, and gave you halo 4 or some other game you think is a good example of why gaming gone bad, you would shit your pants so hard, it would make you fly through the roof from how blown your mind would be. But You have played so many videogames during your life that they fail to impress you anymore, because you have seen it all and you have played it all and you just simply burned out.
Games were never better, games were always shit and if anything, games actually got better. Better hardware removed technical limitations that prevented game devs from expressing their creative visions, You can now do things in games you could never do before, you now have so many kinds of gameplay that previously wasnt possible before, like just think how much things like mode-7 in the SNES revolutionized gaming, not only did it create a whole new type of games, it also improved existing game styles by adding rotating backgrounds or semi top down world maps or any other awesome shit. I wont even mention what 3D did to gaming. On top of it all, games now have the ability of telling a story story, not just through shitty still images of people with open mouths, with a bunch of text under it that nobody wants to read, but real motion and sound. Things that get you immersed into the story and make you feel like you are there.

But despite all this improvement, videogames have one fundamental flaw, a flaw that was always there since the very first videogame was created and its its the same flaw that made  you so burnt out and makes you say stupid shit like “games were better” (in reality you just started to see videogames for what they really are)

And this is also why fresh new ideas are so welcomed in gaming, why people praise minecraft and any other shitty indie games that are made by some hipster who isnt told what to do by big publishers and tries to step away from the well established ideas of videogame design and does his own stupid gimmicky thing.

So what is this flaw i talk of?

Repetitive monotony

Take the original mario game for example, every level you do the same exact thing, you jump platforms, you smash turtles, and the next level is the same shit only stuff you can jump on are arranged differently to give you a sense of variety, and when you reach the end, you kill the boss, you learn that the princess is in another castle, and you start all over again, and at this point is where i always considered that i beat the game and just stopped playing it cuz i knew its gonna be more of the same shit.

And it is this shit that is the fundamental flaw of most videogames, the entire game being just a copypasta of it’s first level. You played the first level, you played the whole fucking game. You know how the rest of the game is going to be, chances are, you probably picked this game up because you know the game is going to be, like a shitty first person shooter or some shitty rpg.

BTW, MMOS and RPG games are the most disgusting offenders.

Remember how some games used to have these brief moments that had a different kind of gameplay? like a bonus stage or a vehicle segment or some shitty underwater segment or an awesome boss fight or some other way to break up the monotony and make things feel a bit fresh, remember how sad you felt when that brief moment ended and you had to go back to the boring repetitive jump platform smash the turtle gameplay the next level?

You can have the most intricate gameplay mechanics, and level design and what not, but if you going to make the player do the same shit over and over again, its going to fall short, because at the end of the day you’re still just a plumber smashing turtles or a space marine shooting radioactive alien zombies and thats all you will ever do, nothing really changes from start to finish, and that is what makes videogames so booring.

Btw this is why i love short games and hate it when a game drags on longer than 6 hours. Im fully satisfied by just playing game demos that i download of PSN. I just get a bunch of demos and just go through them all, a level or two of each game and thats enough for me. I recall some demos were so long that i couldnt even finish them without getting bored out of my mind, like the resistance demo that dragged on for like 5 levels.

And what often surprises me is that people actually defend monotonous gameplay and complain that games like mgs4 have so many cutscenes and so little gameplay. But i welcome this with open arms cuz i wanna have less to deal with that boring repetitive gameplay and get on with the story (sometimes i wish they stopped spending all that money on making these terrible videogames and fucking made a movie or something instead, i would love a metal gear movie czu i hate the gameplay so much but i love the story and characters)

games that break, or try to break the repetitive monotony

So what do i suggest, is there a way to fix this problem? Yes there is, there are quite a few games that actually try to break away from the traditional monotony of gaming and im gonna list some of these fine example of how to make a game, here. But keep in mind that these arent all necessary good games, some of these games fail in Other ways, like second life or duke nukem forever, these games are just for the sake of example of what you need to do to break the monotony. Also these are just games that i personally discovered and im well aware that there are more good games like this somewhere.

Magical date

Its an interesting twist to the whole japanese date rape sim genre thing, this game has actual gameplay in it. It’s a crappy old arcade game by Taito, the objective of the game is to pick one of the 3 (i always pick the blue hair chick cuz shes not as ugly as the other 2 low polygon blow up doll with an anime faces drawn on them)while on your date, you constantly have to flex your muscles and wave your cock around  to impress her by doing all kinds of weird challenges. Each challenge has a different kind of gameplay to it and is a whole new game in itself. There are action and puzzle and mental ability testing segments, fighting segments, flying, guessing things, answering questions(i always fail the questions part cuz its all written in japanese)either way, when you complete all the minigames and reach the end, you can than be a perv and pull out your camera and take snapshots of her panties as a reward for your efforts.

Duke Nukem Forever

Now i know what you are thinking, Duke nukem forever was a terrible game, and i couldnt agree with you more but the reason its on this list is because i respect it for its attempt at breaking up the monotony. All this shit that they tried to stuff into the game, is what made it actually fun to me. Sure the graphics were just god awful, the humor was just lame  and the game definitely didnt live up to its promis, but there was this one thing it did right, it had variation. This is what kept me playing it and finishing it, every mission i was doing something different other than just shooting shit. One mission i shot things from a mounted gun, other mission i drove an RC car, the other mission i was all small and doing platforming, jumping over burgers on a hot stove, third mission i was driving a car and scavenging for fuel cans. It wasnt just the same thing over and over again, and you know the game received a lot of criticism for trying to do all these things instead of just sticking to shooting only, all these things it tried to do is what got me to finish it and actually have fun with it.


Minecraft is awesome because its whatever you want it to be, you can play it how you want, you can make your own rules and you can mod the shit out of it. Anyone can easily get into minecraft no matter what type of games they like to play because minecraft doesnt stick to a type or a genre, its as monotone or varied as you want it to be.

Hot pixel

This game is a lot like the magical date game only it doesnt have the dare rape part. Each mission is a complete game on its own and you never end up doing the same thing over and over again (unless you get stuck)

Call of Duty ghosts single player

Now i know what ur thinking, how can this very definition of a what a monotone game is, be on this list? Well most of the cod games that i played, i played them all purely for the story and and chars, because the gameplay itself bored the fuck out of me, endless waves of clone soldiers, always the same exact situations, thank god those games were so short. But in the case of cod ghosts, this is kind of the other way around, the story is so generic and boring but the gameplay itself is actually pretty varied and fun. You get to do all kinds of interesting stuff, like be a NASA astronaut and shoot space brasilians in zero gravity, fly helicopters, drive tanks, fight killer sharks and ride a rolercoster, the game was really fun.

Happy wheels

What makes this game so fun is the community created maps, the map creation tools are really flexible and let you break the mold and create your own kind of gameplay than what the game was supposed to be originally, so every map is something new and exciting.

Second life

Essentially minecraft for adults but with a greater level of freedom, be what you want, do what you want.


Gmod is a lot like second life, you can also do whatever you want, create your own games, play games created by other players or just dick around with physics.

Little big planet

Not only is it a fresh new take on the platforming thing, LBP is flexible enough to allow users to create their own games in LBP

Loco Roco

Yeah while this game is guilty of being a copypasta of itself, its still a really fresh new idea that has never been done before, the whole wwist to the game is that you do not control your character, but rather control the environment your character is in, making him go places, its a really cute and fun game that i recommend to anyone thats bored out of his mind from videogames.

Games like Saints row and GTA

these sandbox games are full of stuff you can do aside from doing the missions, they always have fun interesting minigames and the missions themselves are pretty varied and never makes you do the same shit over and over again. And if you are like me and arent interested in any of that, you can just go dicking around the city and doing whatever you want.

The Funmap server on Killing Floor

This server is like the second life of killing floor, here you can just hang out, make friends with other kf players, team up and go play one of the many games on the map, like tank battle, classic survival, mario, mario vs doom, car racing game, classic doom TDM. The killing floor mod/map creation tools are flexible enough to let you have a game with its own fully functional gameplay within a game. Each game you finish gives you a prize weapon that will help you beat the next game and reach the high score on the global scoreboard

The Tube Adventure game

this game is like a basic blueprint of a good game, each new area gets you doing different kinds of things.

you can play this game here http://www.somethingawful.com/news/tube-adventure-game/

So if you didnt get it yet, a good game is a game that isnt a copypasta of it self, a game that lets you do different things every level, game that has completely different kind of gameplay every map, a game that combines elements of as many different game genres into one, a game that keeps it different and interesting every next map.

– A roadblock for the furry avatar project –

Okay so, the avatar is now done and is being scripted, but i have ran into a serious problem, Linden labs, you done did it again.

By adding fitted mesh into the code, they broke existing mesh functionality like joint offsets. Joint offsets are needed for non standard humanoid and non humanoid avatars to function, this bug makes these avatars break your shape beyond fixing, requiring you to relog, it also makes it impossible to use any other shape that isnt the default LL female avatar shape with such avatars.


read more about it in this bug report https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-5841

What this means is that not only does this effect this project, it effectively breaks all my previous work that uses joint offsets, like the Rikugou avatar, or anything else made by any other creator. The only solution to this problem right now is either going back to viewers that dont support fitted mesh or using the default female avatar shape.

Thanks Obama.

– Wip pics of the furry avatar thing –

Most of the work is almost done on my part, what remains now is fixing a million bugs before it can be scripted, there were a few huge setbacks tho so thats why this was taking kinda long.

So anyway, i was supposed to post some wip images and kept putting it aside and a lot of them have piled up, so imma just dump them all here. Some of the images have a bigger version if you click on them.













– so does anyone actualy use this feature? –

Okay so, back when the M3 head was still in the planing stage, the preset creation window seamed like a good idea, while i still like the idea in theory, it doesnt really work in practice, due to how the whole SL character and outfits thing works. Or well, at least the way im playing SL myself, i never actually got to use the damn thing. When im creating a new character/outfit thing, i normally just make copies of the head so that i wouldnt have to spend hours fiddling around with it every time i change my char, and while the presets window makes things more streamlined, its still a bunch of extra mouse clicks that im too lazy to do, i want my avatar to look right instantly without me having to additionally click some stuff.

So anyway, i was wondering if anyone else thinks that the presets window is just a stupid waste of script memory. this is related to some upcoming changes to the M3 system, im planing to replace the SET button with a hide/show HUD button

BTW, if you voted yes, it would be helpful if you explained your reasoning in the comments.

Also, The new avatar im working on, im at the part where i rig it, im gonna show some more stuff soon.