– so does anyone actualy use this feature? –

Okay so, back when the M3 head was still in the planing stage, the preset creation window seamed like a good idea, while i still like the idea in theory, it doesnt really work in practice, due to how the whole SL character and outfits thing works. Or well, at least the way im playing SL myself, i never actually got to use the damn thing. When im creating a new character/outfit thing, i normally just make copies of the head so that i wouldnt have to spend hours fiddling around with it every time i change my char, and while the presets window makes things more streamlined, its still a bunch of extra mouse clicks that im too lazy to do, i want my avatar to look right instantly without me having to additionally click some stuff.

So anyway, i was wondering if anyone else thinks that the presets window is just a stupid waste of script memory. this is related to some upcoming changes to the M3 system, im planing to replace the SET button with a hide/show HUD button

BTW, if you voted yes, it would be helpful if you explained your reasoning in the comments.

Also, The new avatar im working on, im at the part where i rig it, im gonna show some more stuff soon.


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9 Responses to – so does anyone actualy use this feature? –

  1. Æoŋ says:

    I agree because I could never get presets working. It is easier to make copies and customize them than it is to click a HUD 5x. Hide/Show button is a good idea I think.

  2. Motoko Henusaki says:

    Most people don’t seem to use presets, in my experience with my own HLAWS system. This is a shame, because presets save an amount of time when doing photoshoots that’s proportional to how complex the thing being set up is, but I guess people don’t like having their lives made easy or something. If it was me, I’d keep the preset system but punt it off to a separate, hideable window. In other words, I¹d let those who can find it have it, and let the rest suffer. >:)

  3. Six-Under says:

    Personally I’ve never used it in all the while I’ve had the head.
    That isn’t to say that some don’t, but the only reason for it (outside of just using a different head) would be dramatically set-up face positions (ahego) and “goo” face texture blush replacers.

    It would be a nice separate hud, but I would prefer a show/hide button over the face preset tab hands down.

  4. Venompapa says:

    Yes i use it but mostly only the eye presets, i think its easier to just swap those from the hud than keep bunch of copies from the head for everything.
    I wont miss it too much though but as separated hud its would be nice though as Six-Under said.

  5. koinukasuka says:

    I don;t think i’ve really ever used it since i also make copies of the head usually, a hide hud button instead would be nice to save screen space, not that it takes up that much space to begin with

  6. nicholashylands says:

    I voted yes but I meant to vote no cause it was like “okay vote do you think this is un-useful? so I was like “yes” then I was like “crap the question says something entirely different >_>”

  7. TinaRikuhara says:

    I tried, but it never really worked consistently for me

  8. Haru Makkura says:

    I use the Presets and already have a Hide Button through a cheap mod and really easy to install mod: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/M3-Anime-Head-HUD-Add-On/5566724

  9. Muffey says:

    I answered ‘wot?’ – since I only really come here for Avatar 2.0 updates, and I alpha out the head from that and use my SL one. I have no idea what an M3 head is, or what the presets might do for it.

    Just a bit of background on what all the ‘what?’ answers might have behind them.. :)

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